Ultimate Spider-Man #84 delayed; Ultimate Fantastic Four Annual #1 delayed further


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Jul 24, 2004
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According to THE Shipping Update Thread, Ultimate Spider-Man #84 (By Brian Michael Bendis & Mark Bagley) has been delayed until 10/12/05. Also, Ultimate Fantastic Four Annual #1 (By Mark Millar and Jae Lee) has been delayed further until 9/21/05.

No reason has been given for the delays.
What's so special with the 09/21/05-date? The only ones we are missing on that day is Ultimate Spider-Man & Ultimate X-Men and then we would have ALL the Ultimate comics on the same date :? :shock:

Edit: Missed Ultimate X-Men :oops:
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Is that the first time USM has been delayed?
icemastertron said:
No. It's been delayed a couple times before. #78 was delayed to 6/08. Others I don't know off the top of my head.

Still, it happens so rarely and is usually always on time. Its the one shining beacon of light in an otherwise very dim, usually late shippning universe. UFF Annual #1 being delayed doesn't surprise me that much, as only a few weeks ago the best they could show us was penciled/inked pages. Oh well. September 21 looks like its shaping up to be a new personal record for me for most comics purchased on a single trip to the comic store. How many do we have scheduled for that day? Like 6 books or something?
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We saw pencilled pages of the UFF annual, not #21.
You all know how these people make me feel. :evil:

Am I the only one with the supspicion that these guys are pulling like 25-30 hour work weeks?
Yeah, the Annual delay is the one thing that is really getting me stewed. USM comes out so frequently, they should purposely delay the title, but the Annual comes out once a year, it should be prepared! It's special! C'mon...
I'm guessing it involves the artist not being ready since his two issues of UFF were the tragically late Rhona Burchill 2 parter as well. I guess he's just slow or either that or they wanted this issue to fall after the end of crossover and decided to hold it back for chronological reasons and to not spoil the other story?
i think they just want the hype for the last annual, and if i remember right spiderman is about 3 months a head.