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May 3, 2005
I would like to do a Adaptation of the Ultimate Spider-Man Game. I talked it over with E and said it would be ok to do. But he my have to take it down if it Marvel or Activtion has a problem with it.

I think this would be a great project for the board. Not only will the people that couldn't get the game or the people that have the game but can't play it again due to gliches. Can now read the comic verson of the game.

What I would like to have is some volunteers for some of the work. My memory is great and I can remember this game word for word so I am currently writing that down and after I'm done (or during the writing). I'll hand it off the who ever the artist is. Or who ever is doing the word and thought bubbles.

What I would like is one of the writers of this site to volunteer and write in some fillers for the redundant chase scenes. You know add a little scene here or their. Like during the Spider-Man/Human Torch races. Put in a little more banter.

The game did a little of that but It was kinda onesided. You only heard what spidey was saying when he was in the lead and you only heard the Torch when he was in the lead. You can even write in some little challenges that they dare each other to do during the race scene.

Then I would like a volunteer for the art work. For the most part who ever it is you can go from site to site and see all the old screen caps from the game for some help. You don't have to match Bagley's style. You can go with your own. Theres no time limit on this so you can go as slow as you what. but hopefully not too slow.
Great idea! I think it will definetly be an awesome project, and would like to help. Sadly, I have no art or writing talents...
Great idea! I think it will definetly be an awesome project, and would like to help. Sadly, I have no art or writing talents...

How about... You can pertend to be Joe Q. and be the annoying pain in everyone's side, that reminds everyone to get their job done. :D
Well I finished. If any of the writers and artist of this site want to take this on, just PM me.
This is actually a great and creative idea. Sounds great.

Yeah, and I just read an iterview with Bendis in the back of Ultimate Human 1# that said after he gets done with "Amazing Friends" and a few One shots.

He going to as he says: "Then after that we are adapting and expanding on the Ultimate Spider-Man story from the vidio game we did. So Now It will fit in continuity perfectly."

maybe we'll get it done just in time.
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I was thinking about this at work. What I was thinking that instead of just one person doing the writing and another person doing the art. We could have teams of one artist and one writer doing a level or two (depending on how many people want to do this).

Each team will have to work with each other to get this done. But also they will have to commutate with the teams that are doing the level before your's and after your's,to make sure we keep this comic flowing.

Also for the writers, when and if you are doing the fillers you can use characters that aren't in the game. But, they must be in and around the time of this game in the timeline, only in the Ultimate Spider-Man title, and since they were not part of the game in the first place. They can only have small little cameos. Like when Peter's about to or is talking to MJ just before he goes after the Rhino. You can put something like Flash and Kong in the background messing around with something. Or When Peter's running after seeing Electro, you can have a panel where J.J. is yelling at someone and saying something like: "If you ever hand in some piece garbage like that again-- I'll hang you out my window and let the pigeons have their way with you!!"

I would really like to have this out before Bendis does his arc. that connects the game to his comic line.
Well it looks like no one except Bluebeast and maybe Skottis wants to do this. So I'm pulling the pulge. I do know a guy at youtube that has the whole game on his page. And I would post them but I have yet to receive the ok for that many youtube windows to be posted in one post...

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