Ultimate Spiderman #89 cover


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Or Card... :wink:
for a moment i lost the will to live after i read that

Its a well known fact that most costumes for female super-heroes include a built-in push-up bra. Just like most costumes for male super-heroes have a built-in and stuffed cod-piece. Well, except for Luke Cage. After all he's black.

Did I just make a stereotype?

it's looking that way :p


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nigma said:
ok, heres what im trying to figure out, how the F^%$ can ANY women or girl run at all with juggs that big and not have them fall out?

are we going back to the early to mid 90's again?

simple, she uses lots and lots of tape.


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Simply the best cover. I love it.

HAHAHAAHAHHAHHAHA!!!! Just kidding!!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:

But it's still feckin hot.