Ultimate Spiderman #96, Ultimate Fantastic Four #31 delayed

Ultimate Warrior said:
Yeah, I know. I'm usually the first one to post about Marvel spreading out the Ultimate comics so they don't come out all, or many, on the same day by delaying issues. The only problem is that Ice likes to blame the messenger when it later comes true :wink:

It's that you guys jinxed it! :x

UFF gets delayed here and there. UXM rarely gets delayed. I can understand about UWvsH, but that's been delayed because the writer was being busy with Lost, and now that its been over for a few weeks now, he's had time, and it has been said by Joe Q., that he's working on it right now. Just cuz an issue before was delayed does not mean that the next issue will be, too. Not saying it won't, but you just can't rely on if the issue before was on time or not.

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