Ultimate Teamup Conspiracy tie-in

It was the first Hulk issue, though I think they are referring to issue 3 really, that's when the conspiracy bit pops up if I recall. I need to grab the issue out myself to refresh my memory as to what was actually said.
Ultimate Marvel Team-Up Summery

Ultimate Marvel Team-Up #2

The issue starts with a picture of the Daily Bugle with an article titled "SPIDER-MAN MENACE?"
You then get a look at the guy reading the frontpage of the paper with the article. Over him the text "Peter Parker. Daily Bugle Intern." is showed.
The next panel showes the man that actual reads the paper. Over him the text "Ben Urich. Daily Bugle Reporter." is showed.

A conversation is started:
Ben: "Hey, Peter..."
Peter: "Hey Mr Urich..."
Ben: "Ben."
Peter: "Ben..."
Ben: "What were you looking at?"
Peter: "Oh--Uh--The cover there. The front page.
I was just thinking--"
--Is that from today or from two months ago?"
Ben: What is that you got there? That homework?"
Peter: "That is homework."
Ben: "Wow. I haven't actually seen someone do that since, well...
Since back when I was doing it."
Peter: "It's trig."
Ben: "Trig?"
Peter: "Trigonometry."
Ben: "No, I know what trig is. Just don't know why they make you study it."
Peter: "This kid in my class--Guy's kind of, like well, an idiot...
And he stood up in the class and said: Hey man. Why do I need to know this stuff?"
Ben: "What did the teacher say?"
Peter: "He said: So you can pass this class and get out of high school."
Ben: "That's a good answer."
Peter: "I liked it."

A woman shows up by the table they are sitting.

Woman: "Ben, you have a call."
Ben: "I'm eating with my little friend."
Woman: Guy said it was important."
Ben: "Where?"
Woman: "Right there."

The woman points to a phone.

Peter: "'Little friend?'"

Ben takes the phone call.

Ben: "Ben Urich.
Oh yes, yes, general. I remember.
Good to hear from you ag--
No. What? Yes, I heard about the testing.
Yes. What? No, just rumors.
Something about a green mutation or--
General, I need you to slow down.
Well, why wouldn't they alert the city?
How do I...?
Wait, is this a gag? Why are you whispering...?
No, I just...
Coming towards the city?!

Peter is listening in on the conversation with interest.

Ben: "Even as we speak...?

Ben hangs up the phone and returns to the table.

Peter: "What was that?"
Ben: "Just about the strangest thing..."

Behind them Jameson and a man (Robertson) walks up to the coffee machine.

Robertson: "Listen, Jonah. I just think dedicating a special section to the mutant scare is excessive. It's excessive and..."
Jameson: "Already told the advertising, Robertson."
Robertson: "I really think that..."
Jameson: "Already sold the advertising."

Ben: "Jonah..."
Jameson: "Hold on a second, Ben.
Robertson, it is a national news story, it is permeating the culture and I am offering you the chance to give it its due coverage. It..."
Ben: "Jonah, I just got a call from a..."
Robertson: "It's sensationalism. It's sensationalistic garbage. It's over the top even for you."

Ben: "This--uh--this army general just called and said that--"
Jameson: "From the man who demanded we print the Victor von Doom minifesto in its entirety?"
Ben: "... that this large green mutation -- a monster, really -- that the army has been chasing all the way from Nevada desert, is..."
Robertson: "That was a statement of political fact, not an assassination of a..."
Jameson: "Statement on political--?!
It was blackmail and you wanted to..."
Ben: "... is headed right towwards Manhattan even as we speak."
Robertson: "It isn't blackmail if you don't have demands to give in to. It was news."
Ben: "The army has been in media blackout trying to keep panic to a minimum, but it seems that the situation is aggravated and, well, out of control."
Jameson: "Well, we're running the mutant sectionon sunday. You will find the section or I'll find someone who can."
Ben: "If this monster is really headed towards us -- if he's on the up and up and I think he is because I have used him for a source before, I think that --"
Robertson: "What, so now you're firing me?"
Jameson: "You wish."
Ben: "I think we should alert the television stations.
I mean, we have to tell people."

Jameson finally listens.

Jameson: "WHAT?!
Tell the television stations?!
We're a newspaper!!
TV is the enemy."
Ben: "Yes, but this thing, thos monstrosity, whatever it is, is on its way and people could get hurt is all..."
Jameson: "Well, how close is it?"
Ben: "I don't know. He didn't say."
Jameson: "Well, let's not make any rash decisions."
Ben: "Jonah, this isn't about ..."
Jameson: "I's our story -- no one's going to get hurt.
Trust me -- I have a sixth sense about these things."

A large rumble is heard and the whole office is shaking.

Ben: "Oh my god..."
Jameson: "What was that?"
Ben: "I told you."
Jameson: "Get out there!"
Go out there and bring back the front page."

Ben is rushing back to the tabke to get his jacket and notice that Peter is no longer sitting there.

Outside the windows of the office Peter runs trying to get his Spider-Man suit on.

Peter/Spider-Man (thinking): "GREEN MONSTER!"
Oh man, what if it's Harry Osborn's dad again -- or whatever it was he turned himself into?
They never did find the body. I don't know how they can say he's dead if they don't have a body.
What if he's back?
Whatever it is --"

Spider-Man shots out some webs and swings away.

Spider-Man (thinking): "-- I have to help if I can.
I'm the one who got bit by the genetically mutated spider.
I'm the one with these freaky spider-like powers.
I'm the Spider-Man now.
It's my responsibility.
Or I could go home and watch cartoons -- either way."

Spider-Man swings over a group of people that runs in panic.
When he closes in on the street he sees giant footprint in the pavement.

Spider-Man (thinking): "Oh boy, this isn't good.
Is that a footprint?"

Spider-Man swings towards the reason of the panic strucked people and comes face to face with the Hulk.

Hulk: "HULK!

Spider-Man: "Yikes!"

Spider-Man stares up at the giant green thing before him.

Spider-Man (thinking): "Well, thank God that I have spider-sense to warn me of personal danger because this one I wouldn't have figured out myself."

Hulk smashes his hands together with a big WHUMMP! which makes Spider-Man flying backwards.

Spider-Man: "GAAAH!"

Spider-Man land in a windshield of a car. SPASH.

A by-stander takes a picture of the Hulk which gets his attention and he turns towards the man.

Hulk: "HURRR!"

Spider-Man gets up from the car and realizes whats about to happen.

Spider-Man: "Oh, no..."
Hulk: "HULK!

Hulk moves towards the man.

Man: "Hulk smash?"

Spider-Man starts to lift a car.

Spider-Man: "MMRRPPPHH...
Excuse me, mr. Smash, sir..."

Hulk raises his hand to smash the man.

Man: "Oh, no..."

Spider-Man is now holding the car by the front and its back up in the air.

Hulk turns around towards Spider-Man.

Spider-Man: "Candygram for mr. Mongo..."

Spider-Man smashes the car right on top of the Hulk.

The running crowd stops and turns towards Spider-Man to see what has happend.

Spider-Man jumps around in triumph.

Spider-Man: "Oh, yeah. That's right.
You heard me mr. Green thing guy.
Now step off!"

The man with the camera walks up to Spider-Man.

Man: "Oh my God, Oh my God...
Oh my God...
Thank you."
Spider-Man: "Yeah, no prob."

Spider-Man makes ready to flee the scene.

Spider-Man: "Hey, uh -- any of you call the cops or anything?"

Suddenly the car that the Hulk is under starts to rumble.

Spider-Man: "Uh-oh..."

The Hulk flips the car over and walks angry towards Spider-Man.

Hulk: "HRRRRSS..."
Spider-Man: "Oh, man..."

The crowd looks amazed at what happens.

Man with sunglasses: "Uh-oh
Man in the back of the crowed: "What is that?"

Spider-Man: "Oh, come on.
I threw, like, a whole car at you."

Hulk is now up by Spider-Man and raises his arm to smash Spider-Man.

Hulk: "MMRR..."
Spider-Man: "Hey listen, man... don't make me angry.
You wouldn't like me when I'm angry."

Hulk tries to punch Spider-Man but he jumps out of the way and Hulk punches his fist into the pavement instead.

Hulk: "HULK!!

Spider-Man is now hanging upside-down from a lamp post looking at Hulk.

...but you don't see me going around bragging about it."
Spider-Man (thinking): "I wonder if anyone would notice if I actually wet my pants.
Because if someone soesn't come along and help me soon, man, I yhink I'm gonna."

Spider-Man shoots out a blast of web at Hulks face.

Spider-Man: "Did you order the web Caesar salad?"

Hulk gets hit by the web.


While Hulk is busy trying to get the web of his face Spider-Man gets down and picks up a mailbox.

Spider-Man (thinking): "Where are the cops?
The cops.
The firemen, astronauts, Will Smith...ANYONE!

Spider-Man goes up to Hulk and smashes the mailbox in his head.

Spider-Man: "Now would be the appropriate time for you to lie down and sleep, by the way."

Spider-Man ones again sprays web in the face of the Hulk and the man with the sunglasses starts to throw rocks at the Hulk.

Man with sunglasses: "Green #@$%!!"
Spider-Man: "Dude, it's nice of you to help, but why don't you get out of Dodge?"
Man with sunglasses: "@$%!! thrashed my bike.
Spider-Man: "Just get out of here, man, before..."

Hulk redirects one of the stones tossed at him towards the man that gets hit in the head by the stone.

Man with sunglasses: "AAAHH!"
Spider-Man: "Oh, no!"

Spider-Man kneels down by the man not noticing the Hulk walking up behind him.

Spider-Man: "Come on, guy, let me get you outta here before..."

Hulk gets ahold of Spider-Man.

Man with sunglasses: "Holy..."

Hulk is holding Spider-Man with one hand which is covering Spider-Mans whole head.

Close-up of Hulks face.

Hulk: "HULK!

Guijllons said:
You know, I'm gonna end up playing that in front of the mirror again, having different hats for each part.

You working on doing Issue #3 too? :)

This one took a over an hour and it's about 4:15 in the morning here right now, so not for the moment anyway. :wink:
Guijllons said:
Hehe, I'm just an hour behind you, and I don't blame you.

Impressive work though. That's commitment

Very much so. Nice work. :D

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