Ultimate Thing Costume!!

Fuzzy Birds

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My sweet Aunt Petunia! That is freakin' incredible!

I'll avoid the obvious jokes about lot's of spare time and Kevin Smith lookalikes just because I respect the guy so much for putting the effort into it...

Good on him.


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Ult_Spider_Man said:
my friend has done the unthinkable, he made his own ultimate thing costume out of rock for the comic/anime convention we just went to, check it out...



That was a very well done costume. I was extremely impressed. I even e-mailed him to tell him so. Hoping he makes more comic book costumes, he's got talent!


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Ultimates said:
Dude, the costume looks AMAZING! that kid deserves MAJOR props, seriously

definitly...did anyone notice the chick in the Invisible Woman costume standing right next to him? ;)


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Is this this guy's first costume, because I'd be interested in what else he has done


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ProjectX2 said:
Good stuff.

Man, you aren't kidding! He looks as good as Chiklis did in the movie... Probably better, too, because of all the more realistic rocks! Awesome! Tell this guy he's the most amazing comic fan I've seen!


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Wow....just wow I really wish i had that much time on my hands. Just goes to show you that fans make the best superhero costumes.

My hats off to him.

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