Ultimate Wolverine in cahoots with Spider-man?


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Jul 24, 2004
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Coming this October, as part of Wolverines 30th anniversary, he will be guest starring in Ultimate Spider-Man for 2 isssues. Both in the same month.

Now, whats supposed to happen is something goes on that involves both of them, but they are reluctant to work with each other.

Just out of curiousity, anyone knows whats the 411?
I haven't the foggiest idea what's going on, but I would assume it has to do with the Bugle and their identities. I heard that it is supposed to involve their pasts and how they might tie into one another, but I don't see that unless it has something to do with Sabertooth, who was the reason they first met.
I don't know what to think. Bendis said something about this being a very weird story; one of the weirdest he's ever written.
Right... I am convinced that Wolverine is going to have to dress up as Spider-Man so that he can give Spider-Man a good name or something... That doesn't make great sense, but whatever! :)
Hey that happened in their MK mini-series together. To try to get their enemy confused, Logan went in as Spidey, and Parker was (I think) in his costume.
That may actually be relevant... Maybe Wolverine is reluctant to work with Spider-Man because the costume doesn't actually fit! :).
Well one thing I know is that in 616 Logan met Peter's parents Richard and Mary when they rescued him from HYDRA I think, around the time Peter was conceived. My guess is some connection between Peter's father and Logan (as the suit was gonna be used for super solider type stuff by the company Parker and Brock turned to for resources) or heck who knows, maybe James Howlett's in the Parker family tree. ;) Now that would be weird.
It would be nice if Bendis touches up on Wolverine's past a little. Writers wouldn't need to put Wolverine in the spotlight too much 'cause Bendis already gave fans something to chew on for a little while. At least I hope so.
Well, I am hoping that this touches on Peter's past more than it touches on his... Maybe Peter's father's past more. Like you guys suggested before. I mean, Wolverine shouldn't have his story in an Ultimate Spidey arc and Peter's story in Ultimate X-Men. Face it, Spidey seemed like the main character in Blockbuster next to Logan.
Yeah, i see the point we mean. But in the ult. verse, will they have that Logan worked with Parker's parents like the 616 verse? I mean not to go on a different topic, but wasn't Peter's parents doing a different job here than in the 616 verse?
I was thinking that Spider-Man and Wolverine may be recruited by Nick Fury for a mission that would benefit from their combined abilities and experience in certain matters, or perhaps because Fury is trying to keep this mission secret from the rest of SHIELD and everyone else and so chooses Logan because details of the mission could never be recovered from his brain by a psychic, and Spider-Man because nobody would expect him to be selected. This could also explain their apparant unwillingness to team-up, since Fury has pulled them out of whatever else it was that they were doing.
This has been one of those posts where I speculate for the hell of speculating with absolutely no evidence or rumors to fall on.
But I like it! It may even show us what to expect when Peter finally drafted by Fury. Might even give us a hint at the things Fury does behind the scenes.
I was thinking that Spider-Man and Wolverine may be recruited by Nick Fury for a mission that would benefit from their combined abilities and experience in certain matters

*sniff sniff* Smells like Secret War to me.
Secret War, but on a much smaller scale. Do you think we're ready for that kind of event four or five years into the Ultimate line?

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