Ultimate Wonder Man Idea


Without him, all of you would be lost souls roamin
Feb 23, 2005
Simon Williams is the heir to the Williams munitions fortune. In his short tenure as CEO, he has not been very successful. He is friends with Stark but not nearly as smart or skilled in the world of business. He is obsessed with becoming famous, and after witnessing his friend's rise in popularity after becoming Iron Man, he decides that he wants to be a superhero too. He begins investing in SHIELD experiments in "ionization". When it comes time to find a guinea pig, Simon gladly offers himself. Through ion treatments, Simon gains control over his body's ions, giving him superstrength, durability, and flight. He joins the Ultimates as Wonder Man. Basically he falls in love with the Scarlet Witch, and soon learns that the ion treatments are the only thing keeping him alive. I see him being introduced in Volume 3, and maybe dieing by the end.
I've been thinking about this for a while but Ultimate Wonder Man should be George Clooney.


A guy who makes seemingly 'shallow' action blockbusters that are actually commentary about the post-human condition and its effect on politics and society and frequently while basically encouraging the superhuman community to contribute to liberal causes.
It's like someone hacked Moonie's account.

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