Ultimate X-Men #18 & #19


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Sep 2, 2004
Hi all,

I'm new to comic books although, I'm a big fan of the 90s Marvel cartoons, the comics were not easy to get hold of where I live but now with the internet you can get hold of anything. Anyway I've started buying the TPBs of the Ultimate X-Men and Ultimate Spider-man so I can get up to date with whats going on so then I can start reading the new issues as they come out. The last TPB I read last night was Vol 3 of the Ultimate X-Men and it was great until Issue 18 and 19 which had a different artist, up until that point the artwork was fantastic but then just for these 2 issues Chris Bachalo took over, it was horrible I almost put the book down. Does Chris Bachalo do the artwork for any of the other titles or issues because if hes a regular its really going to put me off?


yknow i like Chris, his art is different and interesting. I can also understand that because it is different people may not like it. I dont believe that he will be a regular and i am unaware of any current marvel titles that he is doing. The last i saw he had a captain america run but i dont know if that ended or if it is just on break.
Does Chris Bachalo do the artwork for any of the other titles or issues because if hes a regular its really going to put me off?

I'm with you man - I really didn't like Bachalo's art.

He's not doing anything currently, but he did do the art for Ultimate War, which is collected in TPB form as Ultimate X-Men Vol. 5.

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Much of Bachalo's art didn't do much for me either, but there were some pages that were awesome. The full page spread of Colossus just before he rescued the submarine in #18 was great, and the double page spread of Colossus lying next to the submarine after he had brought it to land was brilliant. The way he draws Iceman is also cool and creative, but inconsistent with other artists on the title. I wouldn't like to see him back on any of the Ultimate titles, tho.
There was that scene where he did Colossus hitting Psylocke's body with the van. Now that was awesome by Bachalo.
I think that Bachalo was a very different artist... His work was too cluttered and the characters outlines seemed too thick for my tastes. I guess he could be ok if he drew like the covers he did for Ultimate War. He did well with them!
One thing that stands out in my mind is the way he drew noses. I don't care for his noses. ;)
Bachalo seems to me to be mostly a fill in artist. He did a few issues of New X-Men a while back (the Morrison run) not sure what else he did though. His style is good for action, as it is very dynamic and loose. However it's murkiness isn't well suited to mainstream titles. I'm sure there's a genere for him out there but I'm not sure it's superhero comics.
He should walk on over to Hellboy right now... I can see him doing well on that title.

Also, Bachalo's chin structure wasn't too impressive either. It jutted out unnaturally.

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