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May 17, 2004

Fan-freaking-tastic. :D
And then there's Gambit. We know he's a thief and that he's working for somebody the X-men won't be happy about, but with the emergence of Mr. Sinister working for Apocalypse in the last arc, what if Gambit turned out to be the second of the Four Horsemen. And if so, who are the other two?

After going back and rereading UXM #13-14, it is also revealed in 14 that the reason Hammerhead didn't kill Gambit in the first place was because the man he was working for, Silvermane, "owed a favor to someone named Nathaniel Essex." In the 616, Nathaniel Essex is the real name of the man known as Mr. Sinister. I further believe this to be evidence that Gambit could be another advocate of Apocalypse!
Well, reading the Sinister arc so far, I would not say that he is one of the Four Horseman, and if so, which one? There has been no mention of such characters the titles at all, so, for now I am disregarding them.

With Gambit, I was under the impression that he was working for Apocolypse, too. I just hope that there is some relevance to his appearance rather than him just showing up again cuz all of the Ultimate fans started bitching about not having him around. :) We'll see though... Either way, I'm totally ready for the next arc. With Vaughan writing, Kubert pencilling, and Gambit back with expectations for more Ultimizations of X-characters, it should be interesting as hell.

Has anyone thought that the four that Sinister killed already are going to be the Four Horseman? I mean, people complained about Marrow's death before a proper introduction and there has to be someone or way to bring her back. Why not kill four birds with one arc and have the come back to be the Ultimate Four Horseman?

Also, Sinister needs to kill 6 mutants for Apocolypse and there are 6 X-Men in pursuit... Do you think... Uh, all of them could be killed?
I know it sounds funny, but nobody exactly clear as to what Sinister's powers are exactly. Is it possible even though all mutants were murdered by the same gun, that they didn't necessarily die? Perhaps just transported offworld to another dimension or something. The solits also say that a possible X-man is in his sights, it would explain a possible "murder" without one of our favorite mutants getting killed.
Not only is it not clear what Sinister's powers are (although we know he has some sort of hypnotic power), but we don't know Apocolypses motives or even who/what he is (keep in mind the fact that most Ultimate events are characters are grounded more in reality than the 616 versions and Sinister seems to be radically different than the 616 Sinister).
To add more trouble to it, we don't really know how or where Sinister got his powers from. Should be an interesting finale to the arc.
About the only thing common between Ult. Sinister and his 616 counterpart is that he is something other. He has powers but isn't a natural mutation, in fact his whole unaturalness has been what has been played up. The Gambit connection is one that seems fuzzy right now. Sinister's transformation could be more recent than in 616, and Gambit could have worked for him before Sinister became Apocalypse's slave. Sinister could be the classic nasty individual who makes a deal witht eh devil and gets more than he bargained for. The fact that there's a connection between the Ultimate universe's Silvermane and Essex suggests a criminal origin for Sinister, as does his skills with a handgun. Could even pull in the theives and assassins guild elements from 616, Gambit being pulled into an assassination organization run by Sinister. Just a few musings.
Yeah, I was thinking when they explored Sinister's past they would just make a quick reference to Gambit given that there was only a brief mentioning of Essex in Gambit's first appearance. I would like to see the connection between Silvermane and Gambit, though, because Gambit seems to be working for him or trying to get away from his lackey's. I dunno, however, I'm sure we'll see... I hear Vaughan is continuity heavy which is good for the stories he is going to tell.
But I wonder if Vaughn is writing his stories based on him only coming aboard for two arcs or if he plans on leaving any loose ends to tie up later.
Well, most likely some loose ends... Bryan Singer will most definitely need a set up arc or three to get him going. I don't think he is one to follow continuity between the titles or individual issues for that matter :). You can see how I feel about the man, obviously.

Also, what do you think about Gambit's hair? Personally, I like the look because, not only is it different, but, if drawn correctly, the hair really works for his character. Many don't, but I can't see what they are complaining about.
Yeah, definitely! Especially under Vaughan's pen... He'll be interesting as hell for sure. Let's hope this is a continuation of the Sinister/ Apocolypse set up!
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