Ultimate X-Men #74 & Ultimate Fantastic Four #34 previews


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I'm not liking the art from UFF, but it might grow on me.

I like the flaming Wolverine.
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Loove the site's new look.....and love the new preview application. So much easier than before.

With that said..........

UFF - I really do love the new look of UFF. Very colorful and vibrant. Looking forward to it.

UXM - I just threw up in my mouth a bit................................it's all watery and stuff.


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I liked the Wolverine on fire bit as well.

And I guess Magician's conjuring up of the Brotherhood answers the question of whether that was really them at Emma's school last arc.


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Just got around to looking at the pix...man oh man!

Looks like it's going to be a big smack down! I was preparing for it to end in like 7 pages and the rest deal with the aftermath. Finally Magician's powers at full vs the X-Men.


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Man, I haven't been reading UXM since Magnetic North, but I'm buying this issue. :D I'm predicting this issue, along with the Annual, is the start of a Renaissance in Ultimate X-Men.


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I hope to hell this starts off a greatness in UXM. Because the book hasn't been great since Magnetic North.

Although it was nice to see Sabretooth back.

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