Ultimate X-Men and Space


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Jun 1, 2004
You might or might not know, that the original X-Men have been in space nearly from the beginning, mostly aboard Shi'ar Starships.

I actually hope they are never gonna rehash any of that. The time for StarWars like action in a Super Hero book is over, in my opinion.
The Ultimates, Volume 1 was a good example for that change in paradigm, being much more closer to Independance Day than to Star Wars.
I personally think that development should be kept, leaving the Ultimate Universe with as few Star Travel as possible.
The Ultimates going to the Moon, I could envision that.
The Ultimate FF going anywhere they like, that's okay with me.
But the Ultimate X-Men (and even more so Ultimate Spiderman) just wouldn't work in space, in my opinion.

On this matter, I would also like to do without time travel (no Ultimate Past of Future Days for me) as well as Demons from Fiendish Dimensions (so no Ultimate Belasco for me, either).
So in a way, I'm glad Vaughan gave Scott a father, that bought him a copy of Empire Strikes Back at the age of seven, after which Scott made up a SF world called Corsair, simply for the reason that this should make any Ultimate Corsair as good as impossible.

What do you think?
That realism is one of the strong points of the Ultimate U. Ultimate Spider-Man is like a street cop, just like he was originally supposed to be (same goes for Daredevil). Ult. X-Men would be better off doing what it has been doing; focusing on mutants and their place in the world - this world.

I agree about the time travel, although with Ult. Fantastic 4 being more of a sci-fi/exploration book I could see them doing some dimensional or time hopping. But yeah - no extra-dimensional demons, please.
I couldn't agree more. One of the things that drew me to the Ultimate U s the fact that it's more realistic than the regular marvel U. Keep them on earth and dealing with civil rights and the like.
The only thing that I am actually opposed to is the time travel thing mentiopned above. Since the Ultimate Fantastic Four got their powers from an alternate dimension and it was explained scientifically (Believe me, there is actual fact to the Ultimate Fantastic Four) was alright. In fact, I think Millar and Bendis are brilliant for that. Time travel, though gets fishy with characters going back and forth and having different counterparts of the characters in those time frames. Maybe an Ultimate version of 1602, but nothing more than that.
Maybe an Ultimate version of 1602, but nothing more than that.

well, that would be interesting but the whole point of the ultimate line is to get rid of all the time-hoping, alternate reality, cloneage going on. the day we get ultimate time-hopping is the day i quit reading ultimate books. :D
Right, which is why I said to stay away from it.:) Unless they have Ultimate Kang... Since time hopping is his powers, it would only be necessary.
He's already appeared briefly as a teenage felon in the New Mutants arc. No timetravellign there either unless it was as a Baby
XTFLyons said:
wait did I miss him?? where was he in the New Mutants arch??

It was basically just a cameo when they were going over the potential team members with the president. He was mentioned as being in trouble with the law or something.
Yeah, we don't know anything about Ultimate Bishop except for the fact that he's in trouble with the authorities. I wouldn't count out the time travel stuff although I'm with the people who oppose that idea.
I just keeps continuity simpler is time travel is avoided.

Definitely no on the space travel. it wouldn't suit the X-men

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