Ultimatemarvel.net gives first look at Ultimate X-Men #68


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Looks like some interesting things are going to take place in this issue... I'm pretty excited for this issue to come out! :) Magician seems to kick some butt (As we see more of his powers), Xavier and Lilandra are heating up (Pheonix is, too), and Wolverine is ready to flip a ***** on his son, Sabertooth. Damn...


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THAT'S the magician? I was hoping it was Ultimate Banshee. Is this confirmed anywhere, because that screamed Banshee to me. (that was an awful pun)


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MaxwellSmart said:
This is almost not news worthy. I hate previews that don't show dialog.

Agreed. The Magician is just making me annoyed. The guy has the kind've powers that can just pull anything off. I bet that's it. And if there was dialogue to that page it would probably be Fury going "AAaaaaeeee!!" So yeah, pointless.

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