Ultimates 2 #7 delayed 1 week to 7/20/05


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May 17, 2004
Ultimates 2 #7 by Mark Millar and Bryan Hitch has been delayed 1 week and is now scheduled for 7/20/05.
Rah. I wonder when the trade will ever see the light of day...
Now, hopefully I can say this without being criticised...

Marvel: "The House of Ultimate delays!"
I have only one thing to say to this:

hehehe, Now I will be home when it comes out, so you crazy people won't ruin it for me in your clearly marked spoiler-pages

And for the rest of you guys, One week isnt that bad...
UltimateE said:
Ultimates 2 #7 by Mark Millar and Bryan Hitch has been delayed 1 week and is now scheduled for 7/20/05.

And so it begins...as long as #8 doesn't end up being a month late, then #9 two months, and so on, until we aren't getting Ultimates 2 #12 by the time Spider-Man 3 hits theaters. A week is nothing compared to the THREE MONTH delay on Ultimate Secret. I mean, I know they had to find a new artist and everything, but come on. Is it really THAT hard to schedule your artists and their projects without major FUBARS on a constant basis as there apparently seems to be over at Marvel? I mean I know it takes time to pencil an issue, then ink, color, edit, etc. But the point is if Marvel, their editors, whatever, can't avoid a 3 month delay between issues because the artist on the first two had to suddenly draw an extra issue of NA, thats the definition of MISMANAGEMENT! Thats fine, I know it was a surprise to the artist too (Thanks Bendis, though I guess all you NA fans ar happy about the extra issue), but why did it take Marvel until AFTER the second issue had hit shelves for a few weeks to mention the problem and the delay to 9/21/05 (which coincidentally, has been pushed back a week like Ultimates 2 #7, to 9/28/05) and a few more weeks to announce a replacement artist?

Anyway, enough ranting, I'm just remembering the snowball effect the first Ultimates series had in terms of delays. What was it, 13 issues that took two years to come out? Something like that, I'm too lazy to check my facts right now, though which, also coincidentally, will probably take close to a year and a half for this 13 issue trilogy mini for UN/US/UE, assuming THERE ARENT'T ANYMORE MAJOR DELAYS...just remember Extinction hasn't even started shipping yet and I'm willing to bet my house we'll see some delays on that title as well.

Sorry to break off into a tangent about US's delays, but I just saw a parallel to the first Ultimates series and US, and I'm hoping Ultimates 2 doesn't follow suit.
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Fuzzy Birds said:

Well put, well put. I couldn't say it better myself.
No offence to you fella, but why do you hang around an Ultimate Marvel board when you show little interest in the Ultimate titles at all, instead preffering DC?

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