Ultimates 3 Villians


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Feb 25, 2008
What villians actally appear in this story. Does storm appear, seeing as it looks like her one the cover. I havent actually read the series yet. SO, help me please. List them all.
Magneto and his Brotherhood, Ultron, some of his robots, Spider-Man for no good reason, and Doctor Doom.
i know the brotherhood is in there, but what brotherhood charcters. Also why is venom there, is he now part of the brotherhood. What is he doing there.
It's not actually Venom, just a robot.

As for the Brotherhood...Mastermind, Sabertooth, Juggernaugt, Unus, Blob, Mystique, Madrox, and Lorelei.
Oh right... so the brotherhood and an x-man for some reason.

****ing loeb
Thank you Bass.

But, in all seriousness, there wasn't really even a true villain to this story. The brotherhood was just helping Magneto get his dead daughter. Venom wasn't real. Ultron was just a spurned lover. Doom seemed like an after thought.

The only true villain was a terrible script with no foresight whatsoever.

It almost seems like Loab did a mad libs and just filled in "fun" spots and then handed it in as a story.

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