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Which guide books do you read?

  • Spider-Man: The Ultimate Guide

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  • X-Men: The Ultimate Guide

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What is it with you and posting random threads man? Are you really that curious or really that bored? Anyways, I don't them really.
Okay, does anyone read any of the Marvel Ultimate Guide Books by DK? I read Spider-Man, X-Men, Hulk, and I just got the Fantastic Four today. My favorite so far is The Hulk one, except that is called the "Incredible Guide," but it still counts.

I do not.
I've got an old Batman one by DK.

And I've read the Hulk and Superman ones before. A book shop has the Wonder Woman one for $20.

I thought this was about those Ultimate Guide Books because I wanted to come in here and rant about them.
never read one never heard of one before.
All of the DK Guides we have circulate a lot, but I only look at them if I want a general overview of a character or series. (Or if I'm at my LCS and won't be going anywhere soon because I have a cat sitting in my lap.) (Yes, really.) Like many "Visual Encyclopedia" kinds of books, the DK Guides seem long on pictures and short on written information. If I want to do in-depth research on a character, I'll either read the actual comics in which s/he appears, or visit the Marvel database. There are also a few specialized websites like Leader's Lair that provide really detailed backgrounds on characters or series.

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