Ultimates West Coast?


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Jun 11, 2004
Ogden, Utah
After their debuts, do you think the international teams with pop up in the regular Ultimate titles? What about an Ultimates West Coast?
GOD NO! Im from the West Coast, but I dont wanna see that shit. I hope they have a mission in San Francisco but thats it. No Ultimates West Coast
Avengers West Coast was a dumb idea, and I hope they don't make the same dumb idea with the Ultimates.
I actually likes what I read about 616 west coast, but I don't think we'll need an ultimate west coast.
I'm convinced that the Defenders will be the West Coast division after Millar said that they wouldn't be the English version...
Goodwill said:
Millar said that they wouldn't be Britain's answer to the Ultimates.

Oh, ok. So why and how did he decide that then?

But as The Defenders, them might being the Ultimate West Coast doesn't sound like a too bad of an idea. What if the're the ones who get their own Ultimate Book?
I dont think there gonna get the their own books. But didnt Millar say that there was going to be a British version of the Ultimates?
Yes. He said there would be a British answer to the Ultimates as well as a Chinese version of the Ultimates. Where the Defenders fit into that jigsaw puzzle, I'm not sure, but you can be sure it's something different. Part of me is telling me it's the Norse Gods combined and, then again, I was thinking along the lines of Daredevil, Dr. Strange, Giant Man, and the Hulk.

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