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Sep 15, 2004
Index of Ultimized Characters/Groups/Events:

The Brood (Hosted by Zombipanda)
Great Lakes Avengers (Hosted by Dr. Strangefate)
The Hood (Hosted by TheManWithoutFear)
The Invaders (Hosted by ShaggyMarco)
Jack Flag (hosted by Victor Von Doom)
John Constantine (Hosted by Ultimate Houde)
Kang the Conquerer (Hosted by ShaggyMarco)
Kree/Skrull War (Hosted by Project X2): begins below
Purple Man (Hosted by Compound)
Siryn (Hosted by TheManWithoutFear)
The Swordsman (Hosted by ShaggyMarco)
Ulysses Bloodstone (Hosted by Compound)
The White Tiger (Hosted by TheManWithoutFear)
Wonder Man (Hosted by McCheese)
X-Man (Hosted by Darkspider16)

Ultimization Game Season 2 Episode 1

  1. All entries are to be your own work. If it is discovered you have entered someone else's work as your own, you will be disqualified from all rounds.
  2. Entries are to be posted in this thread, and general discussion on the game can go in the other thread.

The game begins Wednesday 25th of October and ends on Monday 30th. All votes must be in by Tuesday 31st, and the winner will be notified in time to start the next round.

Once all entries have been posted, I will close the thread, and you can then send your PMs to me, voting for who you think deserves to win. I will then post the winner.

Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to ultimize:

The Kree-Skrull War

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Re: Ultimization Game Season 2 Episode 1

Here is my entrie. I had never heard of The Kree-Skrull War utill this thread so i read the links you gave us and tried to make my own version that was diffrent to old one but similar at the same time. No dought i failed but hey can't blame a mole for trying

Ultimate Kree-Skrull War

Planet Hala is a peaceful planet. On the planet lived a species called Kree. The Kree had used their advanced technology to build a beautiful utopia. The Kree in many ways resemble that of our human race.

There are differences however. For instant they have blue skin. They believed that all life was equal and enjoyed living in peace. Then one day that would all change. One horible act would change the world forever.

They were having a ceremony to celebrate 1000 years of leadership under the guidance of their leader Supremor. Supremor was a old wise man.. He had originally founded the planet and lead to making it a utopia. He was so smart that outside planet Hala there was rumours he was some type of super computer.

During this ceremony an assassin shot and killed Supremor. People were in panic. They were not use to violence so no one suspected that this would happen. The next day a message was played on all the televisions on the planet.

The person responsible for the assassination was called Cotati. He was the jealous brother of Supremor. He had formed a terrorist group named Cotati after himself. Using science he was able to genetically modify the DNA of his followers to make them more plant-like.

The new plant-like terrorists soon spread in numbers and lead to a war with the Kree. The war waged on for many many years killing people on both sides and leaving the once beautiful utopia in ruins.

This war was exactly what the evil space pirates called Skrulls were waiting for. The Skrulls were a dumb brute like race who would go to a planet and steal the technology for the space crime lord Dorrek. Dorrek was a Skrull who had evolved in to a intelligent being. His evolution was what we would call mutation on earth like the X-men.

The Skrulls arrived and so began to join in the war. 3 sides fighting for control. The peaceful good hearted Kree , The evil genetically modified terrorists that were Cotati and the evil space pirates Skrulls.

A group off the Kree stole the one thing thy had yet to build a spaceship (why would you want to leave paradise?). The knew the planet would tear it's self a part and so sought a new planet to live.

While near earths Atmosphere S.H.I.E.L.D. discovered the ship and found out that the life support system on board was damaged. They brought the ship down to help the people on board.

When they awoke they told the tale of what had happened. General Nick Fury came up with an Idea. The Ultimates would go to planet Hala and help the Kree regain their home world. Inreturn the Kree would share their technology with S.H.I.E.L.D.

Tony Stark uses his technology to repair the ship and make it better than before and so Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Giant-Man , Wasp, the Black Widow and Hawkeye travel to planet Hala to help their new friends but not alone. Nick Fury also recruited The Fantastic Four , Spider-man and the X-men for this mission.

The war was tied the Cotati had been killed and Skrulls and Kree were still left. The leader of the Skrulls decided that Kree had proved themselves a warrior race and so decided to form a new Alliance.

The Alliance rebuilt Hala and now had a planet of brains and brawn working together in harmony. The heroes returned to earth.

End of arc – Nick Fury talking with a scientist about the new group to replace the Ultimates a group he nick named The Ultimates X!(Cyborg clones of the regular ultimates who will eventually turn evil and ultimates will have to stop them) Which were created using technology of the Kree , Cotati and Skrull's with a mixture of the DNA of the ultimates !

Also the evil crime lord Dorrek was not happy about the new Alliance and so forms his own Alliance of sorts by repairing and giving advanced upgrades to Gah Lak Tus he had found floating in space!

Edited as i just found out Ultimate Inhumans already exist so had to slightly change by making it Cyborg clones not Inhumans :oops: yeah that was embrassing
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Re: Ultimization Game Season 2 Episode 1

The Kree, their leaders having gone insane by watching how Gah lak tus destroys worlds, get increasingly hostile towards their neighbors.

Meanwhile, the Skrulls continue to subjegate worlds by adminstering their drug to give the normal populace super powers, then take them from the inside, much like a rotten apple scenario.

The two of them have witnessed Earth withstand their attacks before, and have come back to Earth, at the same time, to conquer it.

The two warring factions begin fighting in our atmosphere. Captain Marvel tries to talk to the Kree, but they take him prisoner.

Eventually, the warring factions hit Earth Soil, and the Ultimates try to stop them. Various Ultimates are captured on both sides, and are brainwashed to fight the other. They do battle amoungst themselves. Thor, who was not captured, tries to get inbetween Iron Man, and Captain America, creating a three way battle.

Meanwhile, Hawkeye and Wasp, each on a different ship, manage to find the controls for the brainwashing, and take em down. The Ultimates stop fighing themselves, and attack the ships.

They drive Kree and Skrull off the Earth, but not before the Skrull say they intercepted Vision, and know how Earth managed to stave of Gah Lak Tus. They plan to do the same, and lead Gah Lak Tus back to Earth.

Re: Ultimization Game Season 2 Episode 1

Note: please don't consider this an entry for competition. I was mostly just curious to see if I could write up something that made sense and met the deadline. Feel free to laugh -- this is very rough and is a classic case of "telling" rather than "showing" in writing. However, if I tried to write the full version, I'd be posting it two months from now....:oops:

Several weeks after the events of the Gah Lak Tus trilogy:

Mahr Vhel, still working for SHIELD, manages to evade the watchful eye of Carol Danvers and drops into the Baxter Building to visit the Fantastic Four; he wants them to give him some feedback on a computer program he's working on. Mahr Vehl asks to use the most advanced holographic computer the Baxter Building has, and downloads a program into it. They close the door to the room and initiate the program.

Suddenly everyone finds themselves in a room on a Kree ship like the one Reed, Sue, and the Ultimates infiltrated during the Gah Lak Tus crisis. Instead of looking down at Earth, however, they are looking at another world. Mahr Vehl explains that the program is one he's developing for a gaming company; it will use virtual reality to recreate various battles from the Kree-Skrull war, giving the user the ability to fly ships, fight with ground forces, and plan strategy. While the game will include information on the actual battles and related topics, the players will be able to change the scenarios as they choose.

Ben asks what battle this is and where they are fighting; Mahr Vehl invites him to ask the computer. The world is listed as Tsandras, an outpost of the Skrull Empire, and a military target that needs to be eliminated. The battle simulation allows Johnny and Ben to shoot down ships and engage in hand-to-hand combat, which they do with gusto while Reed and Sue look on.

After simulations of two more battles, Reed asks about the war. Mahr Vehl replies that it started many generations ago, and ended only recently. The computer program includes the background, suitable sanitized. Parts of it are rather gruesome, he warns, and really not something that belongs in a game.

On the pretext of organizing a trade summit meeting between the Kree and other races in the local area of the Greater Magellanic Cloud, the Skrulls invited planetary leaders and business-people from each world. Too late, the Kree discovered that the summit was a trap; a handful of Kree escaped and made their way back to the homeworld with pictures of the Skrull taking on the forms of the Kree leaders. Mahr Vehl grimly adds that the evidence included vids of the Skrulls actually consuming their victims – this was how they acquired the victim's DNA. (That particular portion has been left out of the game, however.)

The plan, of course, was to have the leaders move the Kree home- and colony worlds into the Skrull Empire through legal and economic means, without firing a shot. This would provide slave races, more territory, and more materials for the Skrull Empire.

The Kree promptly grabbed every form of Skrull technology they could get their hands on ("Don't ask the details," Mahr Vehl says, "you don't want to hear them.") and began reverse engineering them. The Kree leaders returning from the conference were detained; when medical tests revealed inconsistencies with Kree physiology, a number of them were killed outright.

The Kree, their colony worlds and their allies launched an offensive using the technology they had available. Some strikes were successful, others not, but the Kree Alliance held its own against the Skrulls and eventually the cultures of the races within it changed to reflect the on-going conflict. Mahr Vehl's own family included a number of soldiers and military scientists.

Mahr Vehl shows the group more simulations of both air and space battles. There will, he tells them, be at least 200 different scenarios from which to choose; players will be able to work their way up through ranks and learn increasingly complex battle skills.

When Reed asks if the Skrull-Kree war is still going, Mahr Vehl replies that was still when he served first aboard the Night's Inquiry, but it's over now. He reveals that over the centuries, the Skrulls became the race known on Earth as the Chitauri who were, of course, soundly thrashed by their own slave races and Earth's defenders, including the Ultimates.

Because of humanity's defeat of Gah Lak Tus, Mahr Vehl suspects that the Kree now fear humans as much as either Gah Lak Tus or the Skrull, and might in the future decide to attack Earth. The computer game simulates attack patterns and defenses typically used by Kree and other space-faring races; not only can the program be used to train fighter pilots, but will also help SHIELD identify and train potential pilots and troops for possible defense against a Kree attack. It serves a double purpose.

Not long after this, Danvers manages to track Mahr Vehl to the Baxter Building and chews him out royally for showing the game to the Fantastic Four. Mahr Vehl points out that he thought they would find it of interest; then he adds that it might be the closest he comes to ever going home. Danvers can't tell if he's sincerely lonely or just giving her a story to arouse sympathy. She finally gives him the benefit of the doubt (translation: she manages not to shoot him), but drags him and the game out of the Baxter Building. However, the Baxter Building computer now has a copy of the game stored in memory....
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Re: Ultimization Game Season 2 Episode 1


Issue 1
Opens up with a fleet of the Kree Void Navy flying through space. Some of the ships have been damaged. A conversation between the Captain of the flagship and his subordinate tells us that they are being chased by the Skrulls and are cut off from the main fleet and supreme intelligence. They set a course for an old Kree outpost where they can make repairs, Earth.

Later, on Earth Captain Marvel clings to the nose of a small plane which has a failed engine and is falling out of the sky while he curses his luck. He helps it land. And after being thanked by the passengers he takes off and sees cloaked Kree battleships come out of subspace into Earths orbit. He thinks that something is up and he heads to the Triskelion to warn Fury. Fury mobolizes his troops and intelligence people. Marvel volunteers to try and talk to the commanding officer to see what their intentions are, but Fury nixes that for the time being.

Fury calls the Ultimates together (Thor doesn't show) and explains the situation. Cap asks what the plan is and Nick says that without a space fleet of their own their options are limited to waiting for the Kree to come to them. Which no one likes, but in the meantime they have to get ready for anything.

On the moon the Inhumans see the return of the Kree and some of them panic. Blackbolt is a calming force and his wife tells them all that they fought off the Kree once and they can do it again if necassary.

Back on Earth Captain Marvel goes to see Carol Danvers, he tells her what is going on with the Kree. He tells her he's going to make contact. They argue about disobeying Fury and he takes off.

Outside camoflaged Kree agents were listening in and through a link they ask if the commander heard all that. He says yes and it's good that the member of the Halason family is returning of his own will, but just to be safe they should grab the human woman as insurance. If he brings back Mahr Vehl, he'll recieve a commondation. They brake in, Carol fights back but her bullets have no affect on the killform and she is easily captured.

Issue 2
Captain Marvel makes contact with the Kree commander, who says he's honered to speak to him and sends down a shuttle to pick him up. After he ends the transmission he makes contact with his ground team who says they've got the human woman and are returning to the ship. He then dispatches another team to the moon. It's time to bring the Inhumans back under their control. They were created by Kree scientists to be the Kree's super powered attack dogs and that's what they are gonna be. His plan is to kidnap a member of the royal family in order to force them into helping fight off the Skrulls.

At the triskelion Cap and Nick are talking strategy for dealing with the Kree. Their told about a disturbance at Danver's place involving a high concentration of Kree technology signatures. They deploy to go find out what's happening.

The Kree team makes their move to capture Crystal (who they veiw as the weak link), but as soon as they do they are ambushed by the Inhumans who defeat them handily and reveal they knew about the plot before the Kree landed on the moon thanks to Tri-clops' special ability.

At Danvers apartment they see the destruction and Nick instructs them to find out where Danvers and Marvel were taken to.

Aboard the Kree vessel Marvel is given the royal treatment. He is shown to the bridge of the ship and the Kree explain their situation. Marvel is surprised to learn about the return to open war between the Kree and Skrulls as peace had been established. The commander explains that the Kree has taken upon themselves to convert the Universe to the teachings of Hala by force if necassary and that their territorial expansion brought them back into conflict with the Skrulls. When he says that isn't what their religeon is about and he will not help them or return home the commander reveals that he has Danvers and forces Marvel to give an inspiring pro-war speech to the troops telling them that Hala will protect them in battle. Shortly after the news of the failure on the moon reaches the commander. Marvel asks how he plans to fight off the Skrulls now. He responds that if he can't use the old Inhumans he'll just create new ones. He has Carol thrown in a machine. Marvel tries to stop it and he's knocked out and thrown in a detention cell.

At the machine the Kree scientist responsible for the process informs her that the it hasn't been performed in a long time and rather than slowly introduce it the way the Inhumans do it, a concentration of the substance found in the Terrigan mists that creates the Inhumans powers will be released into the chamber and he's not sure if she'll survive or what she'll turn into if she does, with that he releases the gas.

The Kree commander dispatches a massive invasion force to round up humans for transformation.

Issue 3
When Kree raiding ships start landing across the Eastern seaboard. Kree soldiers pile out armed to the teeth and force terrified citizens into holding cells. In New York, Spiderman swings in and starts pummeling the Kree soldiers while making his usual smartass remarks. But he's just one man and he's severely outnumbered. Kree shuttles are lifting off filled with helpless people. Then the other heroes start to show up, the Fantastic Four in New York, the Ultimates and the X-men split themselves into groups and scatter across the Eastern seaboard to help out.

In the lab, Carol passes out in the chamber and the process finishes up. She seems outwardly unaffected by the process, but a scan proves that her genetic code has been altered. They affix her with a power dampener and toss her in a holding cell next to Marvel. The doctor reports that the test is a success and the commander tells him to get ready to use the process on a mass scale. There is a much larger version of the machine that they are almost done preparing, big enough to change whole crowds in one use.

Earth's superheroes are locked in a vicious battle with the Kree invaders. As the battle rages on the Kree commander becomes infuriated with their ineffectiveness, knowing that their time is limited. Almost on cue the Skrulls show up out of sub-space. The commander flips out because they're here 38 hours earlier than predicted. Nowhere near enough people have been captured and none have been converted. So the Kree commander orders the fleet into Earth's atmosphere where they intend to cloak themselves and hide. All the invading forces are to retreat and take a new route to the Nevada desert.

In the Kree prison Carol wakes up and she and Mahr Vehl have a conversation about the situation while she checks herself for extra body parts or fins. He says he has a plan. He talks to a guard who seems terrified about their current predicament with the Skrulls. He tells the guard that the commander has failed on every concievable level, but if he lets them out and gathers the rest of the men together he can save them. The guard seems skeptical, Marvel tells him about what it means to be one of Hala's relatives, the importance of that burden and the faith required by those around him if the Kree are to fulfill thier destiny.

As the Kree retreat the Ultimates take off in pursuit. The other heroes set about helping to restore order in there various locations. The Kree commander is planning his next step when the doors to the bridge open and Marvel has rallied the crew to mutiny.

Issue 4
A short battle happens on the bridge of the Kree flagship. Carol shows off her new powers which happen to be just like her 616 Ms. Marvel powers. The Kree commander is severly outnumbered and easily overpowered. Marvel takes the bridge and sends out a broadwave announcing he is now in command of the Kree fleet. The raiding force lands and lets the captive humans go. He contacts Fury and informs him that it's only a matter of time until their cloaked ships are discovered and there is an impending Skrull attack. Not only will they attack the Kree, but they'll accuse the Earth of harboring them. But he says that with the combined forces of the Kree and humans the Skrulls can be defeated. When Fury asks what his plan is he says they'll take out the Skrulls the same way he stopped the Kree, take the Mothership.

The Skrull's sensors scour the surface of the planet and pick up the Kree fleet and the main portion of the Skrull force moves in to attack. They have the Kree outnumbered. And the battle begins.

Meanwhile from behind them a small cloaked Kree vessel sneaks into the Skrull motherships docking bay and out comes a specialized task force led by Captain America. They begin their attack and head for the bridge.

Planetside the battle rages between Kree and Skrull. Ironman is flying around doing the best he can and SHIELD has scrambled as many aircrafts as they can, but things aren't going well. Tony gets himself into a bit of trouble and as he braces for an attack he is saved by a bolt of lightning. Thor has arrived and he is lighting up the sky against the alien invaders. Tony thanks him and calls it "the most literal example of Deus Ex Machina in the history of the planet"(after all the D.E.M. talk in the USM #101 thread I had to toss this in here), he and Thor talk for a bit and Tony explains the situation.

On the moon the Inhumans watch the battle rage. Some wonder if they should help, but the Royal Family has decided that the humanity will have to sort out their own problems.

At the same time Caps group is slowly working their way to the bridge, but it's not easy going because of the defense system on board. They decide to split into two teams and Hawkeye leads a team to the generator.

On Earth Fury's helicarrier is shot out of the sky and crashes into the desert. Iron Man tries to raise him on the com link with no luck.

Issue 5
Hawkeye's team reaches the generator room. He wants to destroy the generator, but Wasp suggest they just shut it down rather than smash it, as at it's current orbit blowing up the generator would make it impossible to keep the rather large space ship from crashing into Earth. The Kree specialist in Skrull technology they brought along discovers the right lever and the defences are off. Cap easisly takes the bridge.

Meanwhile Tony flies down to the site of Fury's crash. After a bit of searching he discovers Nick is alive, but unconscious.

They turn the power back on the Skrull mothership and attack the surrounding escort ships. They bring it into Earth's atmosphere and join the battle.

With the combined forces of the Skrull mothership, Thor, the SHIELD aircrafts, and the Kree Void Navy they manage to defeat the confused and leaderless Skrulls and drive off the rest of them. The humans and Kree part somewhat amicably, if not entirely friendly. Captain Marvel informs everyone that he intends to go home. He believes that the Kree have lost their way and only someone with his bloodline has the clout necassary to change them. He ignored his duties to his people when he stayed on Earth and he was being selfish. Carol wordlessly walks away from the moniter they are all gathered around.

Weeks later Fury is giving the final breifing to the President on the invasion. He says that the reason that the incident blew up in their faces the way it did was because they don't have a space fleet of their own, but with the tech they've taken from both the Kree and Skrull ships and with some time they should be able to build their own fleet. The President greenlights Operation: Galactic Storm. And Earth enters the intergalactic arms race with Nick Fury at the helm.

Elsewhere the Kree/Skrull war rages on, the returning Skrull ships report of Earth's involvement in the Skrull defeat. The Skrull war council assumes Earth has allied itself with the Kree. The Skrulls declare war on Earth.

Fury returns to the Triskelion and has a talk with Danvers, who is going by the codename Warbird, about some covert missions he'd like her to undertake. They stop at the lab and talk to the tech guys about the progress with reverse engineering the Kree and Skrull tech. Carol asks, didn't he just get the presidents approval today. He says that even if he hadn't gotten the approval he would have diverted the funds from some other blackops projects. She gives him a look and he says that he'll do whatever it takes to protect this country.
Ultimization Game Season 2 Archive Thread

Ultimization Game Season 2 Episode 2

Rules: All entries are to be your own work. If it is discovered you have entered someone else's work as your own, you will be disqualified from all rounds.
Entries are to be posted in this thread, and general discussion on the game can go in the other thread.

The game begins Wednesday, November 1st and ends on Monday the 6th. All votes must be in by Tuesday the 7th, and the winner will be notified in time to start the next round.

Once all entries have been posted, a mod will close the thread, and you can then send your PMs to me, voting for who you think deserves to win. I will then post the winner.

We all know he doesn't count in 616, but your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to ultimize:

Wonder Man
Re: Ultimization Game Season 2 Episode 2

I am gonna be gone all next week, so i dont really want to win this one. BUT i do want to try so here goes:

Simon and Eric Williams were born twins. The main thing though, was that Simon was a mutant. His parents split up after his birth, Simon going with his mother while Eric went with their father. As he grew up, Simon often got into trouble.

When he was 14, he tripped while climbing in a construction site, and was empaled on either side of his stomach and either side of his chest. He was hurt, but he found he could escape by focusing hard. Suddenly, his body became all black and began to shift around. he found himself free of the stakes.

Because of his power, he decided to become a superhero after witnessing Spider-Man save someone, and took the name Wonder Man. He found that he had no need of a costume, and was able to 'ionize' into his super form.

He eventually asked to join the Ultimates, but was turned down because of his age. He then went to the X-Men at 17, but was also turned down, due to his maverick personality.

Rejected, Simon turned to his brother. Eric had lived a life of luxury, and thus was a spoiled brat who had veerything his way. The two became close, despite Eric's drug addiction. Simon became Eric's bodyguard. He was present at all of his brother's dealings.

When Eric confronted a drug dealer about some stolen money, he was shot. Simon became enraged and murdered all but two. Despite his powers, he took several shots to the heart and collapsed. He crwaled over to his brother, and in his ionized state, fuzed with him.

Eric's conciousness had died, but his body, though injured, lived. It was the opposite for Simon. Fuzed, Wonder Man hunted down the other to crooks.

Right before he killed them they said something about him being dead. Simon realized they were right about Wonder Man being dead, and he decided that, thanks to his 'resurrection', he was now a new man.

With a sense of revenge against all those who spurned him, Simon fancied himself the Angel of Death, and became the Grim Reaper.
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Re: Ultimization Game Season 2 Episode 2

Mmm, why not? Looks fun.

Simon Williams was born into a middle-class family. Simon's father was a Vietnam War vet and brought food to the table. Simon's younger brother Eric was considered a black sheep by their alcoholic mother. The two had mommy issues, as she was quite frankly uncaring about her family and spent the majority of the day drinking away. Eric barely graduated from high school and turned into a common criminal to make ends meet. It wasn't long until Eric ended up in jail.

Simon, meanwhile, graduated from high school with honors. He was always popular through his childhood and president of the drama club. Earning an acting degree, Simon became a successful daytime soap opera star. Simon's star role was in the series Wonder Man, where he played a widower looking for a new woman in his life. Known for his fit physique and charming personality, Simon was the desire of many a housewife. Simon was utterly shocked to learn that he was a mutant after waking up surrounded by purple energy.

Simon completely denies to himself that he is a mutant. He has no idea what his powers are and refuses to experiment. His denial stems from the fact that he fears how his career might suffer if his mutation was known of.
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Re: Ultimization Game Season 2 Episode 2

Wonder Man

Simon Williams is a successful business man. His company Williams Innovations is the most successful company around. It mainly deals in military inventions that the general public do not know about.

It's biggest contract is with the government agency S.H.I.E.L.D. However that all changed when Tony Stark joined the Ultimates, Tony Stark was now supplying S.H.I.E.L.D. with his weapons (well most of them) for less money than Williams Innovations.

Simon Williams watched as his billion dollar company started making less and less money. He was desperate to prove his company could still make things that S.H.I.E.L.D. needed. Feeling sorry for him General Nick Fury hired his company for another project.

The project was to try and recreate the Super Soldier formula. One year later S.H.I.E.L.D. was growing impatient. All the tests had been failures. They decided to give him a dead line of one month.

One month passed and still the tests failed. Simon knew the formula had to work. All tests showed that it should of worked but yet didn't. He decides to test it on himself. It failed. He was getting angry and started to throw things around his lab.

He picked up a chair and threw it. It hit a electrical machine he had invented to manipulate ions. The machine exploded. The explosion hit Simon knocking through a wall where he lay on the floor unconscious.

They found him and rushed him to hospital. He lay in the hospital bed eyes closed. The doctor pulled out a needle to do a blood test. As the needle was about to touch the skin he woke up. He grabbed the doctor by the neck and threw him across the room.

The explosion must of kicked started the Super Soldier formula he had injected himself with. He had super-strength , super speed and invulnerability. He was better than anyone thought the Super Soldier formula could produce.

He wanted revenge on Tony Stark for taking everything away from him. He designed a costume and joined the ultimates for the sole purpose of sabotaging everything Tony Stark had given S.H.I.E.L.D.

Ironically he takes something away from Tony Stark but something he had never thought of. He fell in love with Black Widow. When everyone finds out why he was really there he is kicked out of the Ultimates leading to a fight between Iron Man and the newly named Wonder Man.

Wonder Man wins but the fight ends with a new unseen threat showing up. He takes the opportunity to kill a member of the ultimates from a far with out been seen by firing energy at Iron Man.

Wonder Man proves he is a good person by pushing Iron Man out the way and been blasted into the near by river. When they search the river for his body they don't find it. Did he survive or not?
Re: Ultimization Game Season 2 Episode 2

Simon and Eric Williams were the only two sons of industrial magnate Jacob Williams, the CEO and founder of the esteemed Williams Innovations. It was quickly determined that Simon would become the heir to the company. Not only was he the oldest, but he also seemed to have both a better sense of responsibility and business savvy than his younger brother. But Simon was a philanderer and a showman with no interest in the company. So, when their father died, Simon deferred the ownership of the company to his brother. Simon had no interest in the business to begin with, and refused to let something like a company tear the family apart. While Eric took control of the business end of Williams Innovations, Simon, still tied to the company, became something of an inadvertent publicist. Using his wealth and familiy connections, he became a celebrity of the highest order. Regarded as an eccentric billionaire, he became the face of Williams Industries and a worldwide celebrity, even as his brother toiled over the mechanics of keeping the company afloat.

Williams Innovations was on the brink of financial ruin. They were sustaining themselves only through the support of various international financiers, and that avenue would give out shortly as well. But the United States' assertion that a human arms race would come to characterize the world in the upcoming years dangled as a solution to the Williams family's problems. They were left competing with the titans of the industry, including Roxxon Oil, Oscorp's Oz Formula, and Stark Industries. After a rushed trial of study, Williams Innovations held a gala unvealing their project to high ranking members of the US Military. WI's proposal, dubbed "Project Wonder", promised to make an "Army of Wonder Men" for the United States. The process involved "temporary ion infusion". Soldiers would be exposed to doses of ionic radiation which would infuse them with superhuman attributes for a period of time determined by the amount of exposure. The effects were never permanent, only lasting a few days at the highest acceptable amount of exposure, and within days of the attributes disappearing, the abnormal radiation would dissipate from the soldiers' systems, insuring that the negative reactions attributed to the super serum formula was avoided.

To prove their confidence in the project, Simon served as the example for the program. But when he stepped into the ionization cell, something went terribly wrong. A malfunction in the system caused the system to overload, and Simon was exposed to dangerous levels of ionic radiation before the system overheated and shut down. As a result of the disaster, the US Army rejected any future grants for WI studies in ionization and the company was left in an immense debt. Eric was left to rely more and more on his foreign benefactors, and company records became a laundry list of illicit launderings, embezzlements, and shady dealings for these interests. Meanwhile, the experiment had spelled nothing but good things for Simon. The accident had imbued him with permanent superhuman powers, and his celebrity status skyrocketed. You couldn't look anywhere on the TV without seeing Wonder Man (When the project failed, he decided to take on the name of it as his identity) selling, hosting, or starring in something or other.

Then the Liberators struck America, only to be defeated by the Ultimates. In the wake of the various reports and subcommittees, Williams Innovations was revealed to have connections to the Liberator terrorirsts. Eric's foreign investors were part of the Liberators' network, and had used American shel companies as a valuable tool in their planned coup. Eric had always been the weaker of the two, prone to drug abuse and peer pressure and by the time the Liberators strike happened, he already knew of their plans, and when he saw them fail and all his dreams come crashing down, he went into hiding. The blame for the company's dealings was left squarely on his celebrity brother's shoulders.

Fury was fully aware of Simon's innocence, but worries about the loyalty of the Ultimates and the attack by the Liberators convinced the government to give him jurisdiction to form a secondary agency, S.W.O.R.D., which would be more espionage-oriented. The agency would seek to place agents within various hot zones both on earth and in known extraterrestrial groups. The Vision and Captain Mar-Vell are both conscripted for investigation in extraterrestrial affairs. Black Widow was blackmailed into working as a double agent. Fury's spies in various other groups, like the Defenders, would be brought under the umbrella of S.W.O.R.D. Wonder Man is made an offer: become Nick Fury's mole in the Ultimates and be given amnesty for the crimes his company was involved in. It was an easy choice to make. Not only did it keep Simon out of jail, it offered him even greater fame as a member of the premiere superhero team, and allowed him to potentially spill some dirt on Tony Stark, who he considered as his primary social rival.

Soon after Wonder Man joins the roster, the Ultimates come face to face with a threat who has close tiess to Simon's past. With everything lost, his brother Eric has been drawn into the dark arms of super-villainy. The Liberators have been destroyed, but their legacy lives on. Using the resources left behind by the destruction of the Liberators' infrastructure, certain self-interested former members are building a new criminal organization, driven more by self-interest than lofty international goals. This organization, HYDRA, rises from the ashes of the Liberators' grave, and the first challenge they set against the Ultimates is Eric Williams, now known as the Grim Reaper! Indoctrinated with HYDRA propaganda and enhanced with state of the art weaponry, he blames America, the Ultimates, and mostly his big brother Simon, for all the troubles that have befallen him, and he'll stop at nothing to destroy them all.
Re: Ultimization Game Season 2 Episode 2

Awesome choice, McCheese! I had A LOT of fun with this, regardless of the outcome!

Ultimate Marvel Presents: Wonder Man

Part 1: "Jackasses"

Bored teenagers from Abu Dhabi to Zurich are thrilling to the reckless escapades of a group of college-age misfits who refer to themselves as the Williams Bros Wonder Crew, self-proclaimed "Innovators of Unconventional Amusement". The group perform irresponsible, and frankly dangerous, stunts, for entertainment, documented with advanced video equipment.

Their videos are funded by a modest inheritance, from the recent death of twin brothers Simon and Eric Williams' tech entrepreneur father. The Crew uses viral techniques to circulate their handiwork, through online video-sharing programs and their fans' social networking pages (e.g. MySpace, Friendster, but never explicitly named).

The lesser members of the Wonder Crew mostly pull standard pranks and juvenile gross-out routines. But the Willaims Bros themselves seem to be capable of inhumanly stupid acts:

Goofy, clown-like Eric seems to be resistant to poisoning; he takes bong hits of ordinary household cleaning products, and gargles lethal quantities of insecticide, then vomits them, but otherwise remains unharmed. And charming ringleader Simon stands in the way of speeding vehicles, and jumps from ridiculous heights, without getting seriously injured.

Expectedly, media watchdog groups, concerned parents, and self appointed moral guardians begin to panic, denouncing the popularitiy of their crazy stunts.

But Nick Fury at SHIELD is worried about the Williams Brothers for an entirely different reason: he's concerned that they may be dangerous superhumans, who are not completely aware of their own powers.

Fury strong-arms Professor Charles Xavier into confirming that the brothers are not typical mutants (using Cerebro). Disturbed by this finding, Fury orders SHIELD Agents Jimmy Woo and Clay Quartermain to monitor their activities.

The Agents follow the Wonder Crew to Los Angeles where they make a startling discovery: they've just signed a contract with rogue entertainment mogul Mojo Adams (from the "Most Dangerous Game" arc in UXM)... and he believes it's time for them to "go mainstream"!

Part 2: "American Idle"

During an encrypted teleconference, Mojo recieves a piece of news that he was hoping to hear: his associate, a human referred to only as 'Genegineer', informs him that the Williams Brothers' DNA sample confirms that they were birthed from the same experimental research progam that created "that Geldoff kid", which accounts for their powers.

Simon, in particular, has an "aura" that diffuses his persona as a self-replicating meme, which explains the alarming popularity of the Crew's work on the Internet; Simon Williams is, literally, "living coolness". And his services are now legally contracted to Mojo.

The Wonder Crew is living it up! They're wrecking hotel rooms, appearing on the cover of hip magazines, hanging out with the Amazing Adult Fantasy girls, and (best of all) discussing plans for more outrageous "widescreen" stunts.

But there's trouble in paradise. Simon's popularity is growing as an individual superstar; his fame appears to be getting to his head, and the others in the Wonder Crew begin to get jealous, despite the fact that they ALL benefit from his new found mega celebrity. (Think Entourage style drama, or the video for "My Band" by D-12.)

At this point, Agents Woo and Quartermain step in. In a ploy of questionable ethics, the Agents corner Pee-Lo, the least affluent member of the Wonder Crew, and cut a deal with him; SHIELD will arrange for his little sisters' college funds, if he cooperates and agrees to be their mole within the Crew. He agrees.

Part 3: "Wonder Falls"

Through Mojo's negotiations, the Williams Bros Wonder Crew are given a spot on a major youth-oriented cable music channel (*cough*MTV*cough*). Mojo plans to use Simon's powers as a conduit to brainwash the show's viewers, by transmitting subliminal endorsements for his various commercial interests -- it's the most literal form of viral marketing possible!

During the taping of the pilot episode, Pee-Lo blows his cover as the SHIELD mole, by over-enthusiastically playing his role of "secret agent". Undercover SHIELD agents prepare to surround the studio.

However, before a standoff can happen, jealous Eric attacks Simon, viciously bludgeoning him into unconsciousness with a baseball bat that he was supposed to use for their stunt. Eric is upset that all of his own stunts have actually been the result of clever editing and camera tricks to fool viewers, but Simon's abilities were legitimately superhuman.

The SHIELD team closes in, tranquilizing Eric. However, when they attempt to arrest Mojo, the consummate showman reveals that "he" was just a hard-light illusion.

All's well that ends well, it seems. Mojo's plan has been averted. The Wonder Crew has been shut down. And SHIELD now has one more very dangerous individual in their custody... THE END?
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Ultimization Game Season 2 Archive Thread


1) All entries are to be your own work. If it is discovered you have entered someone else's work as your own, you will be disqualified from all rounds.

2) Entries are to be posted in this thread, and general discussion on the game can go in the other thread.

3) The game begins Thursday, November 9th and ends on Monday the 13th. All votes must be in by Tuesday the 14th, and the winner will be notified in time to start the next round.

4) Once all entries have been posted, a mod will close the thread, and you can then send your PMs to me, voting for who you think deserves to win. I will then post the winner.

And the lucky character to be featured in this week's contest is...


Good luck! (You'll need it, with this challenging, but interesting, concept.)
Re: Ultimization Game II/3 (Season 2, Episode 3)

Ulysses Bloodstone
Ultimate Spiderman​

Issue 1

Spiderman, webbing through the streets, sees a person get knocked out of a skyscraper. Webbing over, he rescues the man. The man is an old man, frail to the bones, who is complaining about his missing gem. Spiderman takes him Dr. Conners, not knowing what else to do, the Doctor vows he'll look after the man, though it's obvious he is dying. Spiderman returns to the Skyscraper to find a hotel room. It had been robbed, and the room was a mess, yet, there was no evidence of a broken door, Spiderman leaves

The following morning, in class, Kong and Flash talk about vampires. Liz joins in the conversation as well as MJ. Gives a chance for some high school action the title has been missing lately. The issue ends with Peter going downstairs to put on his costume, and seeing news reports about a lizard creature attacking downtown.

Issue 2

Spiderman arrives and battles the Lizard, the two of them fighting it out. Spiderman recieves some help from two unexpected sources, Blade and Morbius. The three of themknock out the Lizard, and they find two holes in his neck. Spiderman tells him what happened the previous night, and Morbius realizes vampires attacked the man for something. They go check out the apartment, where Blade picks up obvious vamp activity. The have Morbius follow it's source, and find the vamps in an old warehouse. Here, they see the vamps holding the old man, and one of them is wearing a stone around his neck. Morbius recognizes the man as Ulysses Bloodstone. They attack.

Issue 3

Fight scene. Each time someone grabs the stone, someone else knocks it out of there hands. At the end of the issues, the stone falls into the old man's hands, and he stands up, young, muscular, and in charge. He proceeds to beat down on a few vamps. He explains he is from a long line of monster hunters, and the vamps were waiting for him to die, because if he does and he doesn't have a heir, the gem will turn black, giving even more power to the undead.
Re: Ultimization Game II/3 (Season 2, Episode 3)

Okay, here's mine.....

Ulysses Bloodstone
Ultimate Man-Thing and Ultimate Morbius

Issue 1
Sewer Walking

As he was walking in the sewer, the man was disgusted by the horrifus oder. It has been three weeks sience Ulysses Bloodstone, monster hunter, was hired by the Mayor of New York to go into the sewers and find the "Man-Thing." Supposedly, It was a giant monster, but what monster would help a hero? A week before all of this, Bloodstone was in the sewers fighting the vampire Morbius, Man-Thing touched the vampire to make him go away, which he thought was weird. While thinking, Bloodstone saw somehting move, he knew it was time to fight.

Issue 2
Me and the Man-Thing

Bloodstone lunged at the moving figure, and was burned. Badly. Getting back up, he was knocked down by a giant trunk. By now, he knew it was the Man-Thing, and he was getting pi**ed. So, he got up and tryed again. Everytime, he was burned. Then, he got a look at Man-Thing's eyes, they were red. Then, he noticed two holes in his neck. Morbius. He sent the thing after him. So, taking two small rocks and through them two inches from the holes. His skin burned them. The holes were gone. Man-Thing was back to normal. THen, the giant thing left. Just as he did, he saw a figure in the shadows. Morbius. He was waiting for the Man-Thing.

Issue 3
Saving a friend

As Man-Thing walked back, Bloodstone hesitated. He grabbed a giant peice of wood, and followed. He waited 10 minutes. Then, he heard the Man-Thing in distress. He jumped out of no where, grabbed Morbius, and impaled him. Morbius was dead. Man-Thing was safe. His job was done.

The End

Well, that's all I have. Enjoy.
Re: Ultimization Game II/3 (Season 2, Episode 3)

The Young Doctor Strange was sleeping soundly in the Sanctum Sanctorum. It was not a meaningful sleep, he was not battling demons on the astral plane, nor was he in a deep trance analyzing the mysteries of the Universe, He was merely asleep, and while he slept, he Dreamed. He saw his father, the First Doctor Strange, fighting a terrible monster alongside a young man wearing a large red gem on his chest... The battle reached fantastical heights as other sorcerors fought the beast, but then the eyes of the blond haired man with the red gem let his eyes wander from the battle and onto the young Dr. Strange. The dream froze and the red gem began to glow. The misty dream parted to reveal a magnificent ship, when a bolt of lightning from a cloudless sky shook Strange from his bed.

He immediately noticed he was not alone. There was a man in a black cloak standing beneath the skylight. His face was old, but his eyes burned with the glory and innocence of youth. His platinum blond hair sparkled in the moonlight and Strange couldn't help but compare him to a younger, fitter David Bowie. He wore a broch squarely on his chest, bearing a large red gem, lighting the man's grin.

"What are you looking for, Stephen?"

"W-What? Who are you?! How did you get in my room?

The Man smiled widely with a fervor that betrayed his old age. He spoke with an elegant British accent.

"My name is Ulysses Bloodstone, and I was a friend of your father's. But I believe I asked you a question, Stephen. What are you looking for?"

"I don't understand..."

"You seek Adventure, Stephen. You seek the adventures that your father took part in as a member of the Monster Hunters, the group I formed many years ago. The Bloodstone led me to you in your dreams, as it led me to your father. I have ridden the winds of hope and glory towards the most fantastic of adventures. I have fought beings even you could hardly imagine, from the secret Demon Emperors of America to the Vampire Guilds of East Asia. From time to time I have gathered a team of Adventurers to take on a challenge that threatens the very heart of existence. The sort of challenge where every man, woman and child on this wonderful planet might find themselves thrust unto oblivion. This is such a time, and the Bloodstone has led me to you. You seek Adventure, Stephen Strange, and that is precisely what I am prepared to offer you."

Strange eyed Bloodstone with great consideration.

"Let me get my Cloak."


The next part of the story would introduce Adam, The Frankenstein Monster, and Ulysses Bloodstone's friend and bodyguard. It would also introduce the young Stephen Strange to Ulysses' only daughter, and fellow adventurer, Elsa Bloodstone (who would turn out to be a freelance agent of STRIKE, the British counterpoint for SHIELD). They would ride the mighty ship Bloodwynd, which Strange, himself, had helped to build, across the dreamscape towards the true adventure.

The Adventure would lead them to Clea Strange, who had long divorced herself from the magical arts, and convince her to join her son, with Ulysses and his daughter, to fight the dark Demon Mephistopheles from crawling out of the birthplace of civilization... Mesopatamia (or modern day Iraq and Kuwait).

Clea would reconcile with her son and rekindle her love for the magical arts, and before the two monster hunters and the two sorcerors banish Mephisto from whence he came, the Demon would reveal that Dr. Strange, Sr. is still alive and trapped between the worlds. And that Mephisto will be sure to give him their love. He vanishes, laughing, and Dr. Strange vows to find and free his father, although Ulysses cautions him that it may be a trap, as Mephisto is full of lies.

The young Strange would also fall in love with Elsa, who would come back with him to live in NYC and help him find his father with Clea and Wong, grounding his character by adding a non-magical character to his story.

In my story Mephistopheles would not be given shape, only voice, and Demons would be described to be malevolent spirits who possess people and lead them to destroy their lives for the demons' entertainment. While it is likely that the Christian Devil was based off of one of these Demons, it remains unclear whether there is a heaven or a hell.
Re: Ultimization Game II/3 (Season 2, Episode 3)

Scandinavia, 5843 B.C
Ulysses VanWeinman was a nobleman from humble beginnings. Known thru the land as a skilled tracker and hunter, he was summoned by a local Duke to save the Duke's daughter from a horde of barbarians. Naturally, he saved the girl and upon her safe return the Duke granted Ulysses the title of Nobleman and decreed that a sizable patch of land to the South would now belong to Ulysses and his family. He later married a young woman named Elise and had a daughter named Elsa.

A few years later, a dark tragedy struck VanWeiman's land. Tales of a creature sweeping thru the village at night killing cattle and kidnapping several women and children, spread thru the land like wildfire. The people pleaded for Ulysses to save the village and return their families. Having once been a commoner like them he took pity upon them and vowed to save the village. Before he set out on his quest, an old woman warned him that he would not be able to slay the beast with his own skills. She told him that the beast could only be harmed by the light from the "stone of blood". In the mountains to the North he would find a cave leading to the center of the Earth. There at the center he would find the magical stone.

Ulysses blew off the warnings of the old witch. He set out to find and kill the creature plaguing his land. One night while tracking the beast, Ulysses was ambushed and nearly killed by the beast. And while Ulysses put forward a valiant fight….nothing he did harmed the monster. Fortunately he was able to escape the beast. Realizing his foolhardy mistake---Ulysses set out to find the magical artifact that would help him vanquish the evil.

After a long arduous search…he found the cave. And deep within cave he found the stone. As Ulysses tried to remove the stone from its casing, the Earth began to shake and a cave-in began. A piece of the ceiling fell and hit the stone, shattering it into dozens of pieces. Sadly, some of the shattering debris exploded into Ulysses' face and pierced his right eye. With shards of the magical jewel still puncturing his eye---he was able to escape the cave. It was a long, daunting task to make it home….but when Ulysses finally arrived back to his land he found his home and village burned to the ground. The stench of smoke filled the air with darkness and the only visible light was the glowing ambers of ash that once was his home.

Broken, Ulysses vanished into the woods.

Months later…..a healed Ulysses was living as a hermit high in the hills. One day while fishing, Ulysses was attacked brutally. When he looked up, he saw that it was the same creature that almost killed him years ago. With nowhere to run, he was forced to stand and fight. During the battle the creature pierced Ulysses' chest. In shock, Ulysses burst forward in a fit of rage and finally killed the beast. He then slumped over to the side of a rock and waited to die from the gaping hole in his chest.

But then a miraculous thing happened. He lived. Not only did he live but the wound on his chest was already healed. He got up and stood over his fallen enemy. The creature began to seem to fade away. Layer after layer melted away until a small figure remained. Ulysses eyes grew wide with shock. There lay before him the old woman who warned him earlier!!!

She began to move and turned over to him. With her last gaping breaths she scolded him for not listening to her. She knew of the evil that possessed her and wanted for him to end her life so that she couldn't harm anyone else. But his foolish pride got in the way of that. Knowing that she could no longer control the monster, in a blind rage of retaliation she countered by slaughtering his family and the village.

And with that she died. Ulysses now knew the truth about his family and land's mysterious slaughter. With his newfound immortality, he then vowed to spend the rest of his life fighting the dark monsters of the world.

He changed his last name to Bloodstone and disappeared…….only to be heard from in tales of legends.

I would then have an arc that pitted him against Ben Grimm of the F4. He would think Ben was a monster he was tracking to NY. There'd be a battle, the revelation that Ben is the good guy too and that the monster he's tracking is actually an escaped demon that got thru some dimensional portal that was opened when Doom tried to return to the UU from the Zombie universe.

I'm pretty sure that would've been a story that you guys would have rather heard. But I hate just throwing a character into the UU without having his backstory. And since we're not actually writing several issue arcs complete with dialogue and visuals to go with it----I thought I'd do the origin story instead.
Re: Ultimization Game II/3 (Season 2, Episode 3)

I knew nothing about this character. Wasn't digging the monster hunter thing, so I ditched it.

Ultimate Ulysses Bloodstone
UFF (Single issue. Probably an annual.)
Nearly 10,000 years ago an interdimensional portal opened up in Scandanavia. A mile of woodland was destroyed by the occurance. A local savage clan witnessed the destruction, but only a few of the bravest warriors dare to venture to middle of the distruction. When they get their they descover a dying alien with a ruby in it's chest. It tells them (in a language they can't understand) it is the Exo-Mind and that the atmosphere is poisonous to it. It needs to use one of them as a host to survive. They grunt at it. Laughing at itself for bothering to attempt communication with the lower lifeforms it twists and contorts it's body and shoots out at the nearest savage, merging with it. The other savages scream in terror. Suddenly the process is over, the savage turns around, the only outward change is a ruby on it's chest, but he speaks in the aliens tongue and says it has to kill the others so no one will know what's happened here. It shows a degree of superhuman ability and kills the others.

Today. The Fantastic Four are doing their usual family bickering thing. Sue interrupts to mention to Reed that they have the charity dinner tonight. Reed asks with who, Sue says that the highest bid was from an industrialist named Ulysses Bloodstone. He asks her if that's a real name. She says she doesn't know, but they have to get ready.

Said industrialist is also getting ready to leave his office for dinner, it's the savage, but he hasn't aged a day and he's cleaned up considerably. His secratary buzzes him, saying that a young woman claiming to be his daughter is here to see him. He tells her to get rid of the girl, but she busts through the door anyway with his secratary screaming that she is going to call security. Ulysses tells her not to bother and agrees to talk with the girl, briefly. Her name is Elsa, she explains what her mother told her about him and the circumstances of her birth. He says it doesn't narrow it down much saying he can't even count how many children he's had over the years. He asks her if she wants money, she says she wanted to meet her father. He congatulates her on having achieved her goal and excuses himself.

At dinner Reed is pleasantly surprised that not only is Ulysses able to understand him, but he actually keeps up with him in terms of technical jargon. He seems especially interested in Reed's dimensional portal. He asks if he could see it and Reed tells him that's not possible, military won't let civilians anywhere near that, but if he'd like a tour of the not top secret parts of the building, Reed would love to have him over.

Reed is giving him the tour of the Baxter Building when the alarm system goes off. They leave Ulysses under the watchful eye of some soldiers. They scour the building looking for the intruder, but they can't find anything. They try to turn off the alarm only to find out that they can't. Reed realizes that the intruder has hacked into the building defense system and placed a virus. He thinks that maybe they couldn't find the intruder because he has already reached one of the sealed off areas of the building and is using their own defense system to keep them at bay. He hacks into the system himself and manages to find out where the intruder is. He finds video feed from the room with the interdimensional portal they used to reach the Zombieverse.

Inside is Ulysses, having killed his guards. He uses the teleporter to contact his home dimension. It turns out he was a one time would be universe conquerer and was banished to a backwater dimension. His people have become a marginalized minority in his absence confined for 10,000 years to a parallel Earth they conquered and terriformed for their own survival. He says that's all about to change because after all these years of banishment he finally found a way home. He leaves his host body for the first time in nearly 10,000 years and enters the portal. The Fantastic Four finally get through the defenses in time to see his host body shrivel up and die.

A lawyer tells Elsa and her mother that the hair sample retrieved off the corpse confirmed she is his daughter and that as the only known blood relative and since he had no will, Elsa has become the executor of his estate. Including his company and his home, Bloodstone House.

In the Baxter Building they found the device Bloodstone planted to insert the specialized virus into the buildings mainframe. Reed gets lectured about being so gullable by Doctor Storm. Even Ben tells him to quit being such a doofus everytime he meets someone smart enough to keep up with his nerd babble.
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Re: Ultimization Game II/3 (Season 2, Episode 3)

Just a brief rundown...

Could happen in any Ultimate Title... But I think it should parallel Ultimate Dr. Strange, which is pretty much the same as some of the other stories sort've.

Ulysses Bloodstone was in many eyes a hero who hunted across the globe the paranormal. He has encounter Morbius, other vampires, various demons, if he existed Ultimate Ghostrider, or anything else that people consider a monster. He was a honorable man who dedicated his life to these ridding the world of these creatures because they are the cause of his wife. He brought few belongings with him as he travelled, his daughter Elsa always travelled with him but never went on the kill with him. The flaw in Bloodstone was that he could not see any good in these creatures and vowed they all be terminated. Most of them he was right. The main story would basically be an introduction to Elsa meeting with young Doctor Strange in New York, where they become friends. The Ulysses would be on business hunting down Man-Thing. Doctor Strange would recommend Ulysses stay away from Man-Thing. After an argument with Strange and Elsa he goes off into the sewers to hunt him down. Strange and Elsa follow. Ulysses faces off against Man-Thing and the two disappear, Ulysses presumeably dead. Elsa takes up the mantle of her father only she's wary that not everything abnormal is evil.

*Possibly throw in Spider-Man for good measure just to show that he is also considered a freak but a good one. However this might mimic Kraven too closely. The real character is Elsa as her dad is just a supporting character in her story. The Bloodstone as a powersource is eliminated in the Ultimate Universe.
Ultimization Game Season 2 Archive Thread


1) All entries are to be your own work. If it is discovered you have entered someone else's work as your own, you will be disqualified from all rounds.

2) Entries are to be posted in this thread, and general discussion on the game can go in the other thread.

3) The game begins Thursday, November 16th and ends on Monday the 21st. All votes must be in by Tuesday the 22nd, and the winner will be notified in time to start the next round.

4) Once all entries have been posted, a mod will close the thread, and you can then send your PMs to me, voting for who you think deserves to win. I will then post the winner.



Re: Ultimization Game II - 4 (Season 2, Episode 4)

(or The NEW ULTIMATES) (note to self : I need a more creative name!!)
by Issued ... (PART 1 : rest is on the way don't worry)

TNU Part 1 -- Disassembled

After Loki defeated , The Ultimates lost faith in nearly everything they ever believed.Thor left America after being treated like a villain , Captain America signed off from the team because of Fury's disbelief in him , he was deeply disturbed for SHEILD's unfaithfullness in his motives and patriotism.The wasp left with Cap.The team was nearly destroyed.And the remaining heroes on the team looks like losing their faith to the team and focusing on to their alternate lives.

With the destruction of the Triskelion, many villains escaped from prison.Including Electro , The Green Goblin , Sandman , and Doctor Octavius.

So Nıck Fury desperately needs an Ultimates team. So he asked Hawkeye , the only guy he could always depend on to form a new team.Hawkeye tries recruiting his old teammates firstly.He talks to Tony Stark , stark willingfully accepts to help TNU as long he still has the contracts and the fame.

The Issue ends with Tony and Hawkeye talking to Fury for new ideas to reassemble The Ultimates.
TNU Part 2 -- New Hopes Rising

Tony Stark is in his lab working on a new battle-tech armor which will be more useful on ground combat.His idea is to create a more agile Battle suit than his own Battle Tech armor.

Hawkeye talks to Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch.While Quicksilver wants to stay on the team because he doesn't have anywhere better to go , Wanda with Thor leaving the team , doesn't wanna rejoin the team.Quicksilver agrees with her after a little discussion , to not to leave her sister alone.So QS and SW signs off from the team.

Nick Fury is still working on "Reserves" but the roster has expanded.With the help of Hank Pym's giant man suit , scientists create an even more capable suit , which can stretch the human body limitlessly , nearly imitating everything youngster Reed Richards can do.Also they SHIELD is working on a new well-trained team of fighters to replace "Black Widow" for espionage missions.

The team's leader Barbara Barton is watching the Tv and she sees that Norman Osborn is on the TV, boradcasting to whole United States promising to take down Nick Fury to prove that SHIELD is now too weak to protect america from great threats , and they shall be replaced.When Norman Osborn finishes the broadcast he tries to escape the TV station but his way is blocked by the news announcer Ashley Crawford!!

-- TNU Part 3 -- The First Strike

Norman hits Ashley in the face but before the punch could reach her face Ashley transforms into a real fat lady absorbing the pain of the punch with her fat.And she starts squeezing him.Helplessly Norman transforms into Green Goblin and with his superhuman strength.He fights back , injures Ashley and escapes.In a few minutes a team of Shield agents arrive to the scene and rescue the wounded announcer.

Back in his lab , Tony Stark completes the design of the new battle-armor named "The Grasshopper".The armor is based on the grasshoppers as anyone can guess from its name.Tony chose grashoppers because of their agility and speed.And the green armor has a real similar look to the bugs.And he starts building the new armor all by himself.

Hawkeye back in the Helicarrier , talks to Barbara Barton , wanting to recruit her to the new team.Demanding for her fighting skills and espionage techniques.Eventhough Barbara hesitates to join the team because she is not super-human , Hawkeye gives her a long monologue about how she is super human without super powers (probably something similar to what Gwen Stacy has done in USM's early issues (umm 13 or 14 maybe)).And Barbara Barton enters the team with the name "Mockingbird".

The shield team returns to the Helicarrier with the reporter.Fury enters Ashley's room.

TNU Part 4 -- The Preperations

It has been a month since noone heard from Osborn and his super-evil plan.While The New Ultimates team is getting prepared.Hawkeye and Mockingbird has been on a few small-scale missions so far,and they have been pretty effective combining their skills , Everyone on the Helicarrier even believes that they have a great emotional connection because Hawkeye is happy since a real long time.

On the other hand Shield is looking for volunteers for the new "The Grasshopper" battle-suit and they are still working on the Stretcho-suit , which will be replacing the Giant-Man suits.

Doug Taggert is a hot-prospect jet pilot , whose family was killed during the Liberators attack was deeply affected by the events.He enters the "The Grasshopper" project , to become the pilot of the new suit , so that he could make a change in the world.After a series of tests with a simulator of the battle-suit , he simply does a way beyond job with the simulator and enters The New Ultimates as the pilot of The Grasshopper.

The first subject of the stretcho-suit was Val Ventura , who was one of the pilots of the Giant-Man suits.And named as a veteran , after surviving the siege of the Liberators. As the very first human-tester of the new suit , Val's test was to pass through a door space which was only 1 cm.Eventhough he successfuly passed the door space , the suit couldn't turn him back to his normal size.He is taken to a special room in the Helicarrier waiting for a cure , as the guards leaves his room, all he can hear is them calling him as the "Flatman".He gets so angry that he escapes from the helicarrier.

In a location unknown Norman Osborn offers Hank Pym to join his cause with his ultron robots for a greater glory , and world domination.Hank Pym unwillingfully accepts Osborns offer , since he is already considered as a fugitive Liberator , and if Norman succeeds it will be his way out.They go to Norman's secret underground facility.Where they meet Doc Ock , Electro and Sandman.Pym gets really shocked by Osborn's foresight , because he already prepared a lab to modify the Ultron robots.

TNU Part 5 -- ???

Osborn attacks the Tv Station again for a new broadcast.To lure The Ultimates on him , to beat them on TV and show how uncapable SHIELD is.Ashley Crawford who has the ability to duplicate or burn her fat-cells super fast , simply clicks a button on her collar.Iron Man comes to the studio while Norman is still monolgueing whole U.S. , and the fight begins.

Instead of staying indoors Norman jumps from the very first window he sees , transforms into green goblin.steps on the wall and starts leaping to escape from Iron Man.Tony follows him.Until he realises he is moving right into a trap.He calls for backup.

As the high-speed chase goes on , Green Goblin notices something else is leaping on the rooftops which is as green as him.The Grasshopper shoots an energy beam at the goblin.Goblin falls in the middle of the Central Park.He didn't know about the green armor.Surrounded by both Iron Man and The Grasshopper, Norman starts throwing fireballs at them.But they don't do any good.While Iron Man starts building up a containment grid or whatever you wanna call (the thing he used on the Rhino on USM #28) it on the Goblin .Something he didn't calculate , a little bullet hits his armor , and the whole armor shuts down , so the Goblin is released.Osborn attacks Iron Man with a huge leap , but before he could even touch Stark , The Grasshopper hits him with another energy blast. And another bullet hits The Grasshopper causing for it to go for a shut down too.

Hawkeye and Mockingbird comes to the Central Park with a chopper , Hawkeye shoots the sniping Ultron robot , and Mockingbird jumps into the park , to do a final hit to the Goblin.But instead she finds herself surrounded with Ultron robots.

Flatman not knowing what's going on , sees the lights on central park , and heads towards there.When he arrives at the Central Park , he sees that Hawkeye and the rest of the New Ultimates are surrounded by Ultron robots and the villains that escaped from the Triskelion.

TNU Part 6 -- ??? (to be continued tomorrow i am sooooo tired)
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