Uncanny Origins *spoilers*


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Aug 16, 2005
Best way of describing it =

This title retells the origins of classic Marvel characters. Typically the origin and some of the subsequent adventures are retold - all with new art and dialog.The art is cartoonish. The adaption is essentially true to the facts, but highly compressed.

I just read number 7 Venom. I have to say theses are pretty damn cool. I also have the hulk one but not read that yet. It's really fun. Here is a list of the ones they did.

  • 1: Cyclops
  • 2: Quick silver
  • 3: ArchAngel
  • 4: Firelord
  • 5: Hulk
  • 6: Beast
  • 7: Venom
  • 8: Nightcrawler
  • 9: Storm
  • 10: Black Cat
  • 11: Black Knight
  • 12: Dr Strange
  • 13: Daredevil
  • 14: Iron fist

Here is a couple of previews

Anyone read these? I know they won't be everyone's cup of tea but they are fun. I bought 2 and next time I go to comic shop I plan to get more.
It looks like someone hit JRJR in the head with a shovel and asked him to draw something.

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