Uninked, B&W Ultimates 2 #1???


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May 17, 2004
This tidbit from Lying in the Gutters is causing quite a stir:

Following on from last week's article on Marvel's plans to outsource, reduce in seniority and in rates, their colouring process (which caused a sizable tizzy over here, I understand from one of my sources for that story that there's been significant negotiation as a result of the publicity generated, and the result should ease a few of the problems that prompted this story.

But we're really going to see how valuable colourists are to Marvel in December. "Ultimates" volume 2 will ship half normal issues and half with uninked black and white artwork and cover.

Designed to encourage interest in the book, and especially in Bryan Hitch's art (the reason we've all been happy to wait so long), but retailers who contacted me are a little concerned. From conversations I've had, they'd appreciate a variant cover, even if a 50/50 split might be a little much if it's black and white... but black and white interiors? Again, if it was a "chase" variant, that might encourage interest, but at half and half, the chase is no longer there. Some retailers fear they may be stuck with half their order in black and white... only selling colour copies.

Expect an outpouring of concern heading Marvel's way.

Here's the story on UC - http://www.ultimatecentral.com/modu...id=74&mode=thread&order=0&thold=0

Shop owners are going nuts, and rightfully so. Thoughts?
I'd take a B&W if I could be assured all the U2 comics would be available as such. I just like continuity.
yeah i really dont like B&W so i dont want this at all. It may even stop me from buying the book....
What I dont like its that its half in color and half in B&W. Why cant it be all of it in B&W? But Im still going to get the color version instead
Half color and half b&w. That seems like a cool incentive/variant. I think it's a good idea for Marvel to do that. That way, you can see the final productions of the pages, plus just the pencil artwork from the artist.

Not bad. Not bad at all.... 8)
Just as long as they do the colour version in the trade I'll be happy...
René said:
What I dont like its that its half in color and half in B&W. Why cant it be all of it in B&W? But Im still going to get the color version instead
So you pick up the all B&W version of issue #1 off your comic book store's shelf, rather than the all color version. No problemo.
I think I want the black and white. Easy money says the trade will be color, so the B&W will be something a little diffrent.
I've always been a more colorful person, so I don't think I'll be picking it up, for personal reasons anyways, maybe just to have, if I find it.
I want a color copy. I don't collect comics for their value and I don't like the idea, so I don't think I will go looking for the black and white.

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