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Jun 4, 2005
Back in the 90s when the 616 Marvel universe was a total mess, they released this series called the untold tales of Spider-Man, which told new stories set in between the old ASM issues from the 60s, they were only 99 cents and did well because they weren't connected the contiunity mess going on the Spider-Man universe at the time.

Anyway so I thought it be fun if we made our own Untold tales of the Ultimate Universe, stories that would set in between the various arcs of the universe, that can introduce new hero, new villains and supporting characters, before the UU continuity became a mess.

OK, I guess I will start, with few I have mentioned before:

UXM arc- The Illegals (right after Magnetic North)

The X-Men have discovered an illegal human tracking operation that smuggling mutants from oppressive governments in East Asia to America, where they forced to work for the gangsters to pay off their debts or see their family members suffer. Things become more complicated when they discover who is behind this ring, the Yakuza, led by Ultimate Silver Samurai!

USM- Power Mad (right after the clone saga)

When Electro seems to escape from prison with outside help, Spider-Man begins to worry about the return of this powerful foe, but when Electro is not seen from for weeks, this worry begins to slip his mind. Meanwhile Obadiah Stane has opened a new experimental power station that sells free ulimaited power to NYC. At first this seems like God send, until Spidey disocers the truth behind this so called free umlited power.

Ultimates arc-State Secrets (after Ultimates vol 2)

Nick Fury has discovered something truly shocking, there was a leak in SHIELD, someone sold the Liberators the tech secrets that allowed them to duplicate the Ultimates powers and this person is selling these secrets to many terrorist and criminal operations, even though the Ultimates no longer works him, Fury asks them to deal with these groups, while he tracks down the source of the leak. Ultimate Dr. Elihas Starr appears.
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USM- In the pale moonlight (Shortly after suspended)

Spider-Man is after another random D-list charatcher (Gibbon). After defeating him with almost no problem. Spidey hear a scream. He see's a very large Wolf that standing on it's hind legs waring, tattered clothing with a pare of dogtags hanging around it's neck. During the fight Spidey tares the dogtags off. The wolf runs off and spidey is left holding tags as his only clue as to what just happened. He reads them "Col. John J. Jameson, Jr." He follows the wolf back to Hammer Ind. to find new owner Justine Hammer picking up where her father left off.
USM- In the pale moonlight (Shortly after suspended)

Spider-Man is after another random D-list charatcher (Gibbon). After defeating him with almost no problem. Spidey hear a scream. He see's a very large Wolf that standing on it's hind legs waring, tattered clothing with a pare of dogtags hanging around it's neck. During the fight Spidey tares the dogtags off. The wolf runs off and spidey is left holding tags as his only clue as to what just happened. He reads them "Col. John J. Jameson, Jr." He follows the wolf back to Hammer Ind. to find new owner Justine Hammer picking up where her father left off.

That's very good, brining in Ultimate Justine Hammer and Man-Wolf.

I hope more people decide to play this little game.
That's very good, brining in Ultimate Justine Hammer and Man-Wolf.

I hope more people decide to play this little game.

Thanks. You know now that I've had time to think about it. I kinda' would like it if Marvel did run a Untold Tales of the Ultimate U" book.
Ultimate Conquest
A crossover between Ultimates 2 and Ultimate Power

Issue 1
Our story opens with the Ultimates, Spiderman, X-men and Fantastic Four doing their daily things. The Ultimates get an order from the top (Nick Fury) that a couple of missions have come in and they are going to have their hands full. The team splits up and is nowhere in the same spot. One team, Cap and Hawkeye are dispatched to fight a new villain terrorizing the city. They run into Spiderman fighting their common enemy, Ultimate Mysterio, who is using some very advanced tech they have never seen before. He changes his appearance at will and fires off some kind of laser but he is not experienced with the tech and they easily take him down. Spiderman thanks them before getting away before S.H.I.E.L.D.s cleanup crew can get there to cause trouble.
A little introspection leads him right past the Baxter Building as the thing comes barreling out a class window. Spiderman spins a web to catch Thing and crashes straight through it to the ground below. Thing thanks him for the thought and he swings home. Thing goes inside to Johnny making fun of him for being so clumsy and Thing dismisses him. They head back upstairs and there is a discussion already in progress with Reed and Dr. and Sue Storm. They are talking about some new private investor who has asked for a special project. He has a prototype robot drone he wants reworked. Reed says he will get started on it right after he finishes his project with Stark and he should be done by the end of the day and Johnny exclaims how bored he is before flying out to have a date with one of those "Exotic mutant chicks" which Sue yells at him for.
We see Dazzler getting back to the mansion from a terrible date with Johnny Storm and the rest of the team cracks some jokes while she settles in. Professor Xavier is on the phone in his office with an accomplice. Forge is on the other end and he mentions that he has seen some interesting new tech show up on some back markets and he got a hold of a piece but even with his mutant ability he can't reverse engineer the tech. Xavier says he should ship the tech and he will have beast look into it when there is a knock on the door. Jean comes in, she has had another episode and she is hoping a nice talk with the professor will calm her nerves a little bit.
A few weeks later we see Cap complaining about all of the seemingly trivial tasks they are being asked to break up and do and he is told Danvers is just delivering orders. Stark quips about how it isn't all bad. He has stolen some tech from one of their last acquisitions and has a new laser built into his suit. The team splits again and they go off on their various missions.
The Baxter Building is bustling as Reed explains how amazing these little robots are and he is not entirely certain he can add a whole lot too them. He has never seen tech like this before, not even left over from Atlantis and he is very excited. He continues to tamper with it when he stops suddenly. He mentions something is odd and the scene changes.
Beast is in the lab with Jean and Storm. He is showing them the device. It appears to be super futuristic devices the shocker would use. He opens it up and an alarm sounds followed by a bolt of electricity bursts out of the machine filling the room and engulfing them all.
Iron Man and Thor are smashing through AIM troopers on the ground. Ironman fires off his new laser on his shoulder an alarm sounds and electricity covers him in the suit and knocks him out of commission.
An alarm sounds throughout the Baxter building and everyone rushes into the lab. Sue is standing over Reed crying. She yells about electricity exploding out of the device. She was able to stop it with a field but he was too close. Dr. Storm rushes in and asks what's wrong. Sue looks her dad square in the eye and says "He's dead… it's killed him".

Issue 2
Those shocked are in a comma and everyone frets about it. Spiderman is cruising around when he sees a number of villains with new technology destroying things. Spiderman gets in to fight them but ends up getting wrecked as he is clearly over his head. He calls Kitty and tells her to gather the X-men. The X-men are grieving over their members currently in comas as Professor X tries to help them. Cyclops gets the call and gathers the team as they head for New York.
The Ultimates are being briefed on what happened to Tony when Agent "Dum-Dum" Duggan bursts into the room to alert the Ultimates about the terrorizing villains rampaging across New York. Everyone, sans Ironman, roll out to battle the villains. A fight breaks out and they are battling across the streets of New York when the X-men roll in on the jet.
The battle continues when sensors in the Baxter building go off. Ben and Johnny run in to where Sue is working on Reed. She tells them to go and fight the battle. They get excited and run.
The battle continues raging in downtown New York and the heroes, being well-orchestrated, quickly defeat the bad guys. As they are gaining they finally defeat the enemies and begin packing up for home there is a large flash and a blast of the laser we have been seeing before slams into the ground. Everyone's focus changes and we see Kang the Conqueror appears before them and exclaims that he is now the ruler of Earth.

Issue 3
Kang tells them all that the world was now his and the heroes beg to differ. Kang introduces his back up. Growing-Man shows up and targets the Ultimates. While a group of Macrobots are released (the same ones that Reed was working on) to battle with the X-men. A deathlok fights Spiderman and the Fantastic Two and the various battles don't seem to be going well. If one crew tries to help one of the others the various villains make damn sure they don't. Kang watches on as the heroes are crushed. Epic fight ensues but it is a losing battle. Meanwhile, the professor and Susan are working in close proximity with S.H.I.E.L.D. medical staff to find some cure for the downed members of their various teams. They find out that it is some sort of mechanical virus that was released into the blood stream and sue finds a way to zap it out of their system. Xavier revives them before the battle finishes and they explode onto the battlefield for the last scene to help the heroes make their last stand against Kang and his army.

Issue 4
Battle ensues with the new heroes show up. Kang complains about his bloodstream disablers not being stealthed effectively enough. Reed and Stark unveil their invention which takes down the lackeys but multiple Kangs appear because of the time travelling and each has his own equipment which dispatches everyone.

Issue 5
Kang unveils his masterpiece. He attempted to take over the world before in this time but he was thwarted by the Ultimates. We see him go back in time and kill an unsuspecting father. He changed his appearance to look like the father using his technology and raises the kid to hate the Ultimates. He gives the kid all kinds of mechanical devices to warp him and his mind turning him into the growing man with a severe hatred for the Ultimates and tells him his day will come. We see this day come and the Ultimates are being defeated by growing man when the X-men show up and crush him. Infuriated, Kang goes back in time again developing a device to defeat the X-men. We see the scene again, this time with Kang releasing his Macrobots all over the X-men. This time, Spiderman and the Fantastic Four appear to ruin the previous plan. Kang is shown escaping again and this time decides to hold a meeting. He outfits dozens of criminals with tech from his future times. He builds an android out of one of the criminals out of the meeting creating the Deathlok android and finally sets his trap for Reed, Hank, and Tony… the biggest problems to him on the scientific front. All of this leads us to our current time line where Kang stares over a completely decimated army of superheroes. The Deathlok, Macrobots, and Growing Man are destroyed but he and two other Kangs stand victorious. A green ray sprays down from the sky killing one of the Kangs and Captain Marvel shows up as a surprise.

Issue 6
Captain Marvel uses shield codes to release the Hulk from his cage in the Triskelion. They wreck face on one of the remaining Kangs. The other Kang opens a portal through time. Heroes go to the Baxter Building to find him using Reed's time machine used in the "President Thor" skrull arc of Ultimate Fantastic Four. The crew steps onto the time device and find themselves in the middle of the desert in Ancient Egypt.

Issue 7
Kang leaps from place to place with Reed following and the whole crew moving from time to time attempting to give chase to Kang. Some places see quick battles between Kang and the superheroes. Kang tells them that it doesn't matter, they cannot defeat him because no matter where they try to kill him he always exists at some time and will be back to rule the world. He is immortal through the power of time. Finally we arrive at Kang's home time. There are large Kang statues everywhere and we are in a sort of throne room. In this time Kang really is the conqueror of the world, and there are many Kangs to bask in the glory

Issue 8
Kangs from all kinds of time lines are pouring to this spot to fight. Portals opening all over the place see Kang come running to fight. As the heroes battle they eventually whittle Kang's numbers down to the last Kang who angrily shouts out but it is Captain Marvel who stands over the Kang who knows he is defeated.

Issue 9
With his last breath Kang explains that he cannot be defeated in this lifetime or in any other because he has been to the beginning of time and the end of time and there will always be a Kang to follow in his footsteps. Captain Marvel seemingly decapitates Kang with a blast from the Nega Bands. Reed takes the group back to their own time where Tony sees how much he can buy the time machine for to give tours. Captain Marvel is invited to join the Ultimates, but he declines. Spiderman gets really close with the Fantastic Four and they start a friendship. Everyone settles down and things go back to the standard way of life when we see a sneak peek into S.H.I.E.L.D. headquarters where Agent Danvers has been replaced with a shape-shifting time-travelling tyrant.

This is probably a little more in depth then you were looking for but I had it in a file on my computer.
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That's pretty good AnTwan.

Here's some other ideas I had:

USM arc: Trapped (right before Death of a Goblin)

When JJJ plans to run a story on how industrialist Luke Carlyle has been making shotty and dangerous products for the market, Carlyle decides to silence him by hiring the Trapster, an odd and sadistic assassin who traps his victims in a area filled with death traps. Its up to Spidey to find Trapster's hideout and save JJJ.

USM arc- The Devil You Know (right after the amazing friends arc)

After the downfall of the Kingpin, Spider-Man thought the city would improve, but Daredevil has come to give Spider-man some harsh reality. In Hell's Kitchen the power vaccum created by the Kingpin's downfall is trying to be filled by every two bit mobster, freak and psycho around. DD wants to try and deal with things in Hell's Kitchen but he needs Spidey's help, as much as he doesn't want to admit it.

Ultimates arc-Down Time (Right after Ultimates vol. 1)

After saving the world from an alien invasion, Cap and Wasp decide to take a romantic vacation to Cape Cod. However things don't go as planned when Ultimate Wirlwind, a crazed stalker who is obsessed with Wasp, decides to make his move.

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