Unused Bryan Hitch Cover.


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Ok, so for those who haven't seen this, this is a Fury cover that wasn't used. It looks very cool, no? :wink:


If someone can help me out by helping me make this bigger, without distorting it, the help will be much appreciated.
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honestly??? Not really. It dont feel it fits the comics.


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I think the pic looks cool, but it might be better as a pin-up.


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That's perfect, thank you. You are the man of the day!
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I really think it would work better as a pin-up than a cover, the way it is at the moment.


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Yeah, that doesn't fit as a cover, however, it is a very good picture of Fury and I do really think it's great! Maybe this could be his picture for the character page if ever they put that back in the "Previously In..." page... I do miss that.

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