USM #108 preview

Supposedly has a preview of 108 since sometime last week (according to people on MW), but I couldn't find it and they sure didn't help, from the last time I checked.
I like the apparent darker turn in storyline, but the art just DOES NOT fit.
This is ridiculous. Moon Knight's split personalities are dumb and boring. "Ronin" has absolutely no backstory and no reason to be "Ronin" because whose a masterless samurai here? I'm not arguing against ultimizing Ronin but this is exactly what people complained about. There's no development of the concept and he just through the character in there. Also how the **** doesn't Fisk know something's up? He just tossed Shang-Chi in a shiny suit on his *** two issues ago. WTF?! :evil: More Vanessa Fisk. Very nice. But blah. This sucks
I think Ultimate Moon Knight's split-personalities are AWESOME! It creates the perfect metaphor for the classic story of someone joining the bad guys in order to bring them down from with-in: and the classic struggle of not losing yourself while you do it.

Sure, the ROnin concept isn't obviously being done any justice here, but if we look at the concept in a very shallow fahsion, almost as a Bendis inside joke of "Any random hero who needs an alias hero persona in my books will be called 'Ronin'" I appreciate the humor.
I don't know what Bendis is doing with this title anymore... Nothing is ever as thrilling as it used to be.
I have hope for Knights storyline(not too hopeful this time anyway).The split personality of Moon Knight can lead to some nice storylines, too bad that Bendis has an unbelievable talent with destroying what he has created so well. I want to drop this book. I really do. And before I saw those Immonen pages for #111---was ready to.

I was gonna stop reading this book. Seriously. And I don't mean that sarcastic "seriously" that people say for jokes. I mean dead serious.

But I am defeated. While there is no more hope for Knights (take that you rabid fanboys who made 76 threads about how awesome Ultimate Knights would be :p) I am gonna stick with this book because I'm excited for Immonen. I'm a rabid fan of his work. I'd read a comic that has nothing panel after panel after panel of kittens playing with yarnballs if it was drawn by Immonen.

But, like the semi-optimist I am, I'm hoping that the book picks up once the artist changes. Kinda like a new starting point for Bendis. Like maybe he was burntout too with seeing the same old stuff over and over. But now the book has new life and maybe he'll be inspired to do something.

I hope.

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