USM #109 Preview


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IGN has a preview of #109. Check it.


You know. . .I really like this arc. I really, really do. If there are two villains that Bendis can write, its Kingpin and Norman Osborne. And I like that DD has become another father-like figure for Peter. Can't wait to see what happens next.

Gideon Stargrave

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The first Kingpin arc was good. The second Kingpin arc was pretty "meh". The third Kingpin arc sucked. Hard. And now that we're on what...the fourth arc about good 'ol Wilson Fisk, it's really, really tired. His scheme this time is Spider-man to the public?

Go back to Daredevil, Bendis. I mean, don't actually go back and write Daredevil, because Brubaker is better than you are, but start writing intricate, interesting stories again.

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