USM #39 question

Spade said:
kk i have a quick relli off topic question which im sure there is a thread somewhere 4 but at the end of USM 39 when peter bust out of the esu building who was that guy watching him???

you dont really know who it was...but the way it was left open makes you think venom was near by(because the spider sense was on) and on the move once pete burst through.
Wait, was this at the end of the issue? It was just something Bendis stuck in there to stress Peter out more... False hope is something that draws many victims to it.
TheManWithoutFear said:
If Bendis ever saw this thread he'd probably think he failed us. It's completely obvious that there is someone there. You see the figure in the panel overlooking Peter. Bendis was trying to tell us that Venom is not gone.

I didn't see anyone and it doesn't even make sense to have the panel as what Venom sees.
Yeah, I looked and there was someone perched on a chimney looming down on Peter. I had never noticed that until you said something... Darn, how can I be so stupid? :) Don't answer that.

That's definitely Venom.
I just noticed it as well and it is Venom. Peter senses him and even calls out "Eddie?".

It's Venom. End of discussion.

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