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Jan 4, 2009
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V is an American science-fiction television series first broadcast on ABC on November 3, 2009. A reimagining of the 1983 miniseries created by Kenneth Johnson, the new series is executive produced by The 4400 creator Scott Peters, Jace Hall, Steve Pearlman, and Jeffrey Bell.

Giant spaceships appear over twenty-nine major cities of the world, and Anna, the beautiful and charismatic leader of the extra-terrestrial "Visitors," claims to come in peace. As a small number of humans begin to doubt the sincerity of the seemingly benevolent Visitors, FBI counter-terrorism agent Erica Evans discovers that the aliens have spent decades infiltrating human governments and businesses, and are now in the final stages of their plan to take over the world. Erica joins the resistance movement, which includes Ryan, a Visitor sleeper agent who wants to save humanity. However, the aliens have won favor among the people of Earth by curing a variety of diseases, and have recruited Earth's youth to serve them unknowingly as spies.

Erica Evans
Elizabeth Mitchell
Bio: Erica Evans is a top agent with the FBI's Counter Terrorist Division. She s also a single mom doing the best she can raising a troubled teenaged son. After the Visitors arrive, Erica gets caught up in the greatest conspiracy and toughest fight of her life, to save humanity and to keep her son safe.

Ryan Nichols
Morris Chestnut
Bio: Ryan Nichols' past is threatening to come between him and his soon-to-be fiancée Valerie, as he faces the inner turmoil of choosing between a future with her and the mysterious past that is haunting him.

Jack Landry
Joel Gretsch
Bio: Jack Landry is a passionate priest whose faith in God and religion is shaken by what appears to be the Visitors' salvation of humankind. He is surprised to find himself battling not just for the souls of people, but for their very lives.

Tyler Evans
Logan Huffman
Bio: Erica's seventeen-year-old son Tyler is at a crossroads in his life. His father abandoned him and his mother a year ago and, since then, he has been headed down the wrong path. He and friend Brandon are captivated by the Visitors when they arrive. The V's eventually provide Tyler with a chance to re-direct his wayward behavior, into something seemingly more positive.

Valerie Stevens
Lourdes Benedicto
Bio: Doctor Valerie Stevens is a dedicated psychologist, who is in love with mystery man Ryan Nichols. She finds her once rock-solid relationship with Ryan on shaky ground when his behavior takes an odd turn following the arrival of the Visitors.

Laura Vandervoort
Bio: Lisa is a beautiful Visitor Guide who charms Tyler and Brandon as she welcomes them into the Visitors' world. Lisa encourages them to become a part of something bigger than themselves, by joining the V Peace Ambassador Program.

Morena Baccarin
Bio: Anna is the stunningly beautiful, charismatic and powerful leader of the Visitors. She is benevolent, charming and offers friendship to the people of Earth. Privately, she is fierce and manipulative, ruling the Visitors and, if she has her way, humanity with an iron fist.

Chad Decker
Scott Wolf
Bio: Chad Decker is an ambitious reporter, hungry to make a name for himself. Chad's already precarious moral limits are stretched as he finds himself in the uncomfortable, yet highly beneficial position of becoming the conduit for Anna's propaganda.
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Sounds cool and the previews looked good. But I missed the first episode.
It was kinda boring.

Standard alien infiltration story with no twists or charm. The characters are flat. The plot was predictable. I'm done after one.
The special effects were pretty great.

As a mindless sci-fi romp, it's fine enough: a little generic, and rather formulaic, but considering it's just the pilot, that's slightly more acceptable. As TV action fare, it was an okay script mixed with excellent FX.

Just don't try to read it as allegorical sci-fi or it will come across as ham-handed and obnoxious. I'm not sure if it was intended as a commentary on the Obama administration, and I'll assume it's not, but if it was.... Ehhhhhhh....
The V appear and promise change with a single charismatic figurehead. The first thing they offer is universal Health Care.

It's hard not to read it as Obama commentary. Not particularly intelligent commentary either.
The V appear and promise change with a single charismatic figurehead. The first thing they offer is universal Health Care.

It's hard not to read it as Obama commentary. Not particularly intelligent commentary either.

Yeah. That "health care" comment they made was just plain re-re.

I'm just saying, if you turn off any attempts at reading it as allegory it's decent, but still not all that good.
I have almost finished downloading the first episode. I'm not expecting much.
This was pretty awful. There wasn't anything interesting about it at all. I don't understand some of the praise for this. E! Online (well, I guess that explains this one) rated the pilot 11 out of 10 and said it was the best pilot they've seen... ever. What? Others have said that this is the best new TV show and that the first five minutes will have you hooked for the first season. I watched the entire episode and I don't want to watch anymore.

I might watch the remaining three episodes of this "pod" to see if it gets any better but I don't have much hope for it. It just seems very bland.

And I always knew Inara and Wash were Lizoidians.
I'm trying hard to like it, but the Resistance leader's "Humans wouldn't have war/religious extremism, if the Visitors hadn't infiltrated our societies!" rant, ugh... makes me want to punch the writers till my arm gets tired. Plus the nearly transparently veiled Obama allegory just made me roll my eyes. It's like they decided to make a tv series based on the retarded e-mails floating around during the '08 campaign.
This would be so much cooler if V from V For Vendetta was fighting the Lizoidians.
This looks like "To Serve Man" with more boob and without the charm.

I like Proj's V idea.
The second episode was slightly better than the first.

I don't have anything else to say. It's a very average show.

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