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Jan 27, 2005
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Despite changing the entrance through which room 5A could be entered, DC Comics's Vertigo panel was quite packed today at Comic-Con International in San Diego. In attendance were Karen Berger, Shelly Bond, Jonathan Vankin, Simon Oliver. Dean Haskiel, Bill Willingham, Douglas Rushkoff, Becky Cloonan, Tony Moore, Matt Sturges, Cameron Stewart, Gilbert Hernandez, Brian K Vaughan, Steve Seagle,and Mark Buckingham. Berger began with introductions of all the creators and then went right into the slide show.

First was "Pride of Baghdad," Vaughan's new original graphic novel with artist Niko Henrichon. "It's the Iraq war from an animal's point of view," said the scribe of the OGN, based on the true story of lions who escaped a the zoo in Baghdad. Issue #50 of Vaughan's other series, "Y- The Last Man" will reveal who- or what- caused the plague. The series ends with issue #60. "The ending will be very satisfying. All your questions will be answered," he said.

Berger said that series like "Y" epitomize the strength of Vertigo- stories with definitive ends, in either graphic novels or ongoing series formats.​

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Hmm.. Interesting that Y the last man has an ending set. I stopped picking this up around issue 30 I think, anyone know where it is now? I may have to start picking it up again if questions are to be answered.
It's at 47 now. I dropped it earlier on, but went back and read it all. It's very good.

That's what I like about Veritgo - many of the series are finite.

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