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Is anybody else picking this up? Should I?

I saw the ad for it in the Viper Comics FCBD release, and I was intrigued enough to look it up.

Here is the general series description:
Nick Corrigan is an aimless 20-something who discovers that his aging neighbor used to be the notorious supervillain known as "Hardliner", now retired and living in hiding for the past few decades. Rather than turn him in to the authorities, Nick decides to blackmail him in exchange for lessons in the fine art of career super-crime. But the old pro is about to teach his student some lessons he'll never forget.

Villains is 4 issue mini-series written by the unscrupulous Adam Cogan, drawn by the diabolical Ryan Cody, with colors by the shady Russ Lowery.​
And here is a preview of issue 1:

The art seems pretty enough, sort of Mignola-esque but the overall impression I get reminds me of the better story-arcs from Bendis' Powers.

The preview obviously brings to mind the set-up of Millar's Wanted -- the loser office worker, the potentially unfaithful girlfriend -- especially because we know where the story is headed, in general.

But it seems promising enough to check out. My only real problem is the hassle of custom-ordering it from my LCS (as usual), because they don't ordinarily carry Viper titles.


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