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I was talking with some friends and we were trying to come up with "theme music" for villians, mostly the 616 spiderman villians. anyone got any ideas?
heres a few of mine....

Enter Sandman (Metallica)- The Sandman
Raining Blood (Slayer) - Carnage
Wild Thing (The Troggs) - Kraven

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Build Me Up Buttercup (Four Tops); Venom
Yellow Submarine (The Beatles); Attuma
When I'm Cleaning Windows (George Formby); Stiltman
Good Vibrations (Beach Boys); Avalanche
Up With People (Lambchop); Magneto
Babe, I'm On Fire (Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds); Pyro

Can anyone else picture Galactus singing 'Yummy yummy yummy I got stuff in my tummy'?


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"the animal I have become" by Three Days Grace - Venom
"How to save a life" by the fray - Green Goblin Harry from peter's pov
"Forsaken" by Disturbed - Morbius


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Titania fighting she-hulk - baby got back.


Rosetta Stoned - Tool : Annihilation
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