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Jan 27, 2005
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I've been reading all the titles under the Virgin Comics imprint and they are all pretty good. Seven Brothers and Ramayan 3392 AD are the best.

Devi, Snakewoman, and Sadau are very good.

They are all heavly influences with India culture.

I hope someone else has been reading them or wants to check them out.
It's quite refreshing to see Indian talent creating stories around old Indian myths. It's incredible just how ignorant and narrow minded most of the comic companies are regarding this part of the world.

Being interested in Indian ways of life and culture already, these have proved quite a joy. 7 Brothers is probably my favourite right now, I found Ramayan 3392 to have horribly stilted dialogue. Bit of a mixed bag as far as quality is concerned, but they're definitely an appreciated addition to the comic racks.
anyone picked up 'Gate Keeper', it was inspired by Guy Ritchie in the Virgin Comics Directors cut
Y'know, I would define most books as "virgin" comics.
How can you tell if a comic is a virgin or not? Is it inexperienced? Does it have a hymen?
I know you guys are trying to make 'funny', but for those that want to know.

Its called Virgin Comics because its owned by Virgin Mogul Sir Richard Charles Nicholas Branson. ( comics are under Leisure and Pleasure.
I've been reading some of the Virgin trades over the last couple of days.

These are the best books people aren't reading.

Ramayan and especially Seven Brothers are so much better collected.

Devi is really good.

Sadhu is the weakest but quite good.

The art is all of these is so amazing.

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