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Jul 24, 2004
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It seems that we won't see the Ultimates Vol.2 until sometime in 2005. At first it was rumored that it would start around September or October. Then in the new Wizard (no. 155) they said that it was actually scheduled for a November release. But due to schedule problems, that might not be happening. Marvel seems to have schedule problems all the time!
I haven't been to MillarWorld recently - did Millar say something about this? Because until he does I'll stick with what he says; he'll give us an update if there's a change.
Im not sure if he said it himself, but remember all the times we were supposed to the Ultimates Vol. 2 pop up? First around march or april or may. Then it was supposed to be in sep. but then it got changed to oct. then nov. and now dec. But theres a chance that it may not even be dec. again because theyre having scheduling problems. And somehow i belive that.
Hitch just said they'd be done with 6-8 issues by Dec. That should be enough of a stockpile to release the 1st issue.
Yeah, I'd really like to see what's happening... Also, Fury, in Ultimate Nightmare said that he kept "back-ups" on his pay-roll. For instance, Falcon is taking over for Iron Man to take care of the Tunguska stuff... There is bound to be more... You think there is gonna be something that is touched on in Vol. 2?
Don't know. But we will see. And, since Falcon has been ultimized in Ultimate Nightmare, will we see any other Avengers beeing ultimized soon?
Thats right. I wish they hurry up and fix their scheduling problems. Or maybe hurrying up is whats screwing them up?!

I really don't think there are any scheduling problems. Millar seemed to say pretty emphaticly that everything is right on schedule.
Mastertron, you pretty much asked the same question I did the post after mine... :)

The schedule isn't the creative team's fault, I hear. It's Quesada and his inability to decide when it comes out.
It'll be interesting, I am just hoping that, in Vol. 2, Falcon will get some time in there and some development with another writer.
The scheduling problems were with Vol. 1 and had nothing to do with Quesada. It was Bryan Hitch, and he was having some family/moving issues.

Vol. 2 is right on schedule. Millar said it would start later this year, and later clarified that to mean December. That's the schedule - #1 comes out in December, and 6 issues ready to go before #1 comes out. Millar has the first three issues in his hand and they are on schedule to have 6-8 by December according to Hitch.
Is Millar going to leave the book after sometime?

Ultimates isn't an ongoing; it's pretty much 2 maxi-series of 13 issues each. He is doing the full 26 issues and then it's done. If he decides to do more after that, that's up to him and Marvel, but after #13 it's done. As of right now no one will be taking over after that.
It's two volumes for a total of 26 comics. Therefore, logically, when we get to the last issue of Volume 2, it will end. If this is how it was planned to be (and I assume it is since UltimateE seems to be in the know), then why are people complaining? You knew it was going to happen.

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