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Jun 30, 2005
South Wales, UK
The mention of Warhammer Online made me wonder how many people were or are fans of the Games Workshop games?
I spent most of my life from ages about 12-19 playing the games, still have all my armies and whatnot.
Warhammer was probably my favouite out of the core games... Had 2 Chaos armies, one Beasts (my main one, with about 20 Minotaurs) and one Warriors.

Loved the gang style games as well, Necromunda and Mordhiem.
actually i think the warhammer 40k universe is ****ing awesome. i love 40k orks but really this is one of the scariest hobbies around. nerd to the highest level!
yeah i played 40k at some point so what :p
I was collecting some of it then I realised no one in my area played. They just collected it.

I was getting all of those LOTR magazines which came with figures, so I had quite a diverse range.

And then my friend, who collects Space Marines, said I should start collecting 40K. So I got a few Necron packs, painted a few, then realised it was too expensive and I couldn't be bothered.
then realised it was too expensive and I couldn't be bothered.

Thats how a lot of people end up with it, it is a very expensive hobby. Thats kinda why I ended up stopping during uni... Food or the next squad was the choice..lol

Thats why I liked the gang style games. You only needed a dozen or so models maximum to play, and it was so much more detailed than the warfare games.
It came down to comics or miniatures for me. And since nobody actually played in my town and you didn't have to colour the comics yourselves, I picked comics.
Eldar and Sisters of Battle

Undead and High Elves
In total my armies were

Beasts of Chaos (my main army)
Warriors of Chaos
Night Goblins

Iron Warriors Chaos Space Marines
Ork Speed Freeks
Dark Eldar

In Necromunda I had Goliath, Van Saar and Ratskin gangs
In Mordheim I had Skaven and Cult of The Possessed warbands

I loved the whole backstory to the games, especially the 40K stuff with the Old Ones and C'tan wars, the Horus Heresy and then the Tyranid invasions. Always thought that the Horus Heresy story would make an immense film/film series.
I've just found my two tubs filled with miniatures (dozens of Lord of the Rings guys and a whole lot of unpainted Necrons). I should try and sell these.

I wish I had someone to play with.

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