WARNING!!! Install the new version of DivX (6.7) on your own risk!

Fredrik Martinsson

Formerly known as Ultimate Warrior
Dec 1, 2004
Between Heaven and Hell
I'm just back for a short while again to warn you all.

For a few moments ago I got a message that DivX had a new update, 6.7, so I installed it. However after doing so I couldn't open a folder that had a DivX movie in it without Explorer crashing. I tried many things but the only thing that helped was to uninstall DivX and re-install the version I had before, 6.5.1, and now everything works again.

So just a warning. It might just be my system since I have many Codecs installed and it might be some conflict with one of them but I shouldn't install the new version without having an older version available in case it doesn't work.

Anyway, good luck.

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