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Sep 6, 2004
Washington, PA
Oni Press has put up the entirety of issue 1 for free right HERE

It seems alright. Has a bit of an anime feel with the set-up. Sort of like Early trigun. I might try it out...
You're right it did have that anime feel to it (which I'm not into), but other than that it was pretty good

Maybe I'll look into it.:neutral:
I actually read the first seven issues of this series from Oni last night at my buddy's house. I enjoyed it, pretty interesting stuff. Lots of extremely interesting plot-lines have already been set up, and I for one am intrigued. In fact, I'm quite impressed with everything this series has to offer. The writer has obviously put a lot of effort into creating the world Wasteland takes place in, from the religion, politics, and language, to the everyday life and social issues of the characters (which range to all sorts of folk).

The art fits the tone of the book: simple, somewhat bleak, but extremely easy to look at. In fact, I really enjoy it. Its black and white, so the only thing else to be said is that the simplistic shading also works well for the book.

The unfolding storyline looks like its setting up to be epic. Another interesting thing is that each issue contains a page-long fictional essay/journal entry called "Walking the Dust" which helps expand the world and give more information about the post-apocalyptic future this story takes place in. I've already ordered the first seven issues, as I've heard the "Walking the Dust" stories might not be collected in the trades (the first one should be out very soon, if not already, collecting #1-6 I believe).

Even smarter on the company/writer's part(s) was to release the first issue at 44 pages (instead of 22, the average comic book length) at the regular price of $2.99. Twice the story, same price, and in my opinion well worth it.

Its a lot Mad Max, a little bit Dark Tower, and a fair amount of original, compelling, and interesting story-telling.

Very much look forward to where this series is going.
I like how the creator doesn't mind the comic being uploaded on bit torrent sites - which means pirates like me can access it a lot easier.

I'll have to check it out later.

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