Watchmen Vs. The Incredibles (spoilers)

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(I have no idea where this should go...)

I just rewatched the Incredibles recently, and am about to reread Watchmen for the movie, and thought this would make for a good discussion thread.

Although both works are much different in tone, they've got a surprising amount of similarities. Let's see:

  • superhero/vigilantes forced into retirement
  • villain's plot takes place on an island
  • some heroes miss the old days and continue vigilante activities
  • main antagonist wants to save the world by causing mass destruction
  • Capes are bad


Also, if by some chance, someone tries to turn this into a fight thread: the Watchmen win by virtue of having Dr. Manhattan, who can beat them all. Yes, even Jack-Jack.


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Well yeah they have a lot of similarities, the Incredibles plot was largely based off Watchmen, as was The last half of Season 1 of Heroes. It's no big discovery


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The Incredibles was influenced by a lot of different stuff from superhero culture. Besides Watchmen, there's also Fantastic Four obviously (family of four, one stretches, one turns invisible, one has super-strength, they encounter a mole-based super-villain at the end, they have a baby who is potentially more powerful than the entire family combined, etc.)....Actually, I think FF is the only other major specific influence. The others are mostly just small references to other superheroes, like Cyclops or well as superhero archetypes - Mr. Incredible has a similar personality/costume to Superman...."boy scout," bulging chest, big letter on his chest....and they both has Elvis-like hair.
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