Weird little tidbit from UN #1 I'm sure someone else found...


Jul 20, 2004
In the first issue of Ultimate Nightmare, Professor Xavier refers to the person he believes is broadcasting as a "homo sapiens novus", but also as X-factor positive. Novus roughly translating as "new"... that sounds more like a politically correct label for unnatural mutants. Have we seen this pop up anywhere since then?
Geldoff? Could this be the 'appearance' that was supposed to occur later last yea?
The comment is directed at who we eventually find out is VISION. The exact quote is, "Perhaps... imagine a traumatized teenager, X-factor positive and emerging into a full-blown homo sapiens novus. Trying to communicate what they've experienced, by filtered through the fantasies they've evolved to cope." Sounds like he's just trying to describe a new telepathic mutant with an exceptional skill for broadcast telepathy, which makes the use of novus curious. I could understand him using it to describe Geldoff, or maybe even Peter, but I don't believe he did so.

Maybe it was intended to show a difference in the belief systems of Magneto and Xavier... Magneto referring to mutants as superior, where Xavier refers to them as just a new breed of human... but I believe Xavier is also 'guilty' of using the homo sapiens superior tag, isn't he?
This is interesting... Perhaps novus means a mutant is in his/her infancy, or, as both E and J have said, something along the lines of Geldoff. I was sort of wondering about that, too, when I first read it and it sort of convinced me that it was going to be some sort of mutant, but I was proved wrong. Xavier was proved wrong. I guess we'll just have to ask Ellis about this one. :)
jtg3885 said:
I could understand him using it to describe Geldoff, or maybe even Peter, but I don't believe he did so.

Let me rephrase that - he might have been referring to a person he THOUGHT was like Geldoff.
Dunno. I think I'm gonna grab the name and run with it for unnatural mutants though. And ask Ellis if I ever get the chance. :)
Spade said:
GELDOFF WAT DID I TELL U????? ITS ALL ABOUT GELDOFF!!!!!!!!!! they even said he was the frst hint to a huge event starding dec 2004 ULT SECRET!!!!!! my theory hes dooms atempt to stop gah lak tus


You are crazy.
I think that's pretty much a logical rewrite of what was originally 'homo superior'.

'Homo superior' connotes a value judgement that suggests that mutants are 'better' than humans. 'Homo sapiens novus' makes more sense because it implies novelty and difference. 'Post-human', in effect.
Guijllons said:
*makes a note of "connotes a value judgement" for use in everyday conversation*

Ooh - you're right. That's gold.

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