What are the top 5 single issues in the Ultimate Universe


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Dec 24, 2004
Thought I'd ask everyone a question for my first post here -
"What 5 issues from the Ultimate Universe would you consider indispensible - the absolute TOP FIVE?"

For me:

5. Ultimate X-Men #1

4. Ultimate Spider-man #24 (Is this the right number?)
(Ended with Goblin throwing MJ off the bridge)

3. Ultimates #5

2. Ultimates 2 #5

1. Ultimates #13

What would be your votes?
*drum roll*

5. Ultimate FF #5 (some of the most memorable lines I've ever heard in an Ultimate book)

4.Ultimate Spider Man #1 (mostly for its importance)

3.Ultimates 2 #4 (I could not wait to get my hands on this one)

2.Ultimates #5 (one of the best comic fights ever)

1. Ultimates 2 #5 (pretty much the same reasons as my number 2 and 3 picks combined)
well, i can only pick 5 for USM at this point...

5 usm # 10
4 usm # 13
3 usm # 53
2 usm # 40-#41-#43(tie) but mostly 40
1 usm # 3 mainly caust i got it when it came out and watched its value grow overtime.

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Ultimate Spider-Man #4 The death of Uncle Ben. I never get to eat any of his rice again.
Ultimates #5 This was the first and still best fight.
Ultimate X-men #1 This one brought the whole team together
Ultimate Fantastic Four #5 shows the teams first togetherness
Ultimate Nightmare #5 The coming Of Galactus how can that not be important.

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Oh, sorry for my rudeness: Welcome Fenway!
X-men: Alpha ( I was so lost this was my first comic book)
Ultimate X-men # 33 ( showed why cyclops is the boss)
Superman #75 (superman dies)
Ultimate X-men #13 (Ultimate Gambit first appears)
Ultimate Gambit said:
X-men: Alpha ( I was so lost this was my first comic book)
Ultimate X-men # 33 ( showed why cyclops is the boss)
Superman #75 (superman dies)
Ultimate X-men #13 (Ultimate Gambit first appears)

I guess you didnt see it said comics in the ULTIMATE universe....good stuff though, what happens in ult x-men 33??
Great thread - welcome. :D

1. Ultimate Spider-Man #12
I think that's the number - the one where Peter tells MJ he's Spider-Man. This is just one of those issues that makes a lot of the Ultimate series so much more readable, enjoyable, and easy to identify with than the old SPidey books, as great as they were. It's just so easy to understand what is going on - great writing.

2. Ultimate X-Men #41
No words needed - one of thebest single issues I've ever read.

3. Ultimates 2 #3
I think it was the ending that did it for me. Excellent writing. Millar actually tricked me with the bottle of champaign bit. For a few seconds I was actually mad that Banner was getting off so easy. :wink:

4. Ultimates #5
Hulk is one of my favorite Ultimate characters. Everything just clicks in this issue. When I first read it, I was in the middle of the then-hailed Bruce Jones run on Hulk and while it was good, I didn't see what the huge fuss was about. THIS is the way Hulk is supposed to be.

5. Ultimate Nightmare #5
Best payoff in any Ultimate series...maybe any Ultimate arc. It took a long time to get to and we knew what was coming, but everything came together fantastically in this issue, and the Ultimizations were perfect.

"Hell of a thud for a 97-pound biologist." :D
5. Ultimates #8 - I loved the lobby scene, and it introduced us to 2 of the more interesting Ultimates, in my opinion.

4. Ultimate Spider-man #12 - When he tells MJ he's Spider-Man

3. Ultimate Spider-man #25 - When the Green Goblin throughs Mary Jane off the bridge

2. Ultimate X-men #41 - It was just really really well done

1. Ultimate Spider-man #41 (40? I'm not sure) - The one where Peter gets back with the new and definitely improved Mary Jane that didn't last...
1. Ultimates #5 - best. fight. ever.
2. Ultimate Spider-man #12 - very...human
3.& 4. Ultimates #12 - 13 second best fight ever (nice show of Thor's power)
5. Ultimates 2 #5 (even though I hated how it ended)
Good thread!

#5 Ultimate Spider-Man #13 Confession
#4 The Ultimates #13 How I Learned to Love the Hulk
#3 The Ultimates #12 Persons of Mass Destruction
#2 The Ultimates 2 #5 The Passion
#1 The Ultimates #5 Hulk Does Manhattan

I know, it's a big ol' Ultimates love-fest. The Ultimates 2 #3 The Trial of the Hulk was only just knocked out by USM13. But frankly, after these two we get a few terrific issues like Ultimate Secret #1 and Ultimate Nightmare #5, as well as some absolutely terrific issues of Ultimate Fantastic Four. But with the exception of #s 1 and 2 on my list, tryng to pick the best issue from a lot of the competition mentioned already in this thread, is akin to the winners of an olympic sprint. Yeah, some are faster than others, but it's a degree of microseconds...
Ultimate Spider-Man "Hero"-- Like I've said before, it's the best rounded issue in a comic that I've read. Here we have action, character growth, comic relief, and, above all, meaning to what has been introduced to you in the issue. Terrific characterization of both Peter and JJ.

Ultimate Spider-Man "Detention"-- One of the most gripping issues of the series to date, the one issue that actually takes the death of Gwen head on and illustrates each supporting character's opinion of the tragedy. Also, the whole deal about Flash becoming a rotten person struck a chord with me. Bendis, excellent job.

Ultimate X-Men #41 "New Mutants: Part Two"-- Looking at it from the teenager's perspective (which I hadn't done until really, really thinking about it) hit me kind of hard. One thing that I mentioned was that my biggest fear was that I wouldn't live life to God's expectations (That's if he has one of us, I was playing with that a little bit), and this kid didn't get a chance to it. Wow.

Ultimate Spider-Man "Venom Part Six"-- Although I'm not sure the exact issue number, the last part of the Venom arc was a remarkable read. So much of Peter's father's life was littered with failure when he was within reach of something sensational. This becomes Peter's problems. The way this can tie into what Peter is doing now as Spider-Man is a very cool move on Bendis' part. I liked it.

Ultimates 2 #3 "Trial Of the Hulk"-- This issue is something that Millar should be most proud of. Here we have sympathy for a murderer, Banner, who really, honestly, should be getting none. I really loved this issue because, like "Hero" it left the traditional super hero razzle dazzle and gave you meaning. Very cool.

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