What bother's me about Ultimate X-Men


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Jun 1, 2004
When I started reading Ultimate X-Men, the only X-Men I knew about were those from the 80s, originally read when they came out with a several-year-gap in Germany, reread in the Essential Tradebacks.

Tomorrow People REALLY bothered me, for it contradicted everything I knew about the X-Men, but after that, it got better. I kind of got used to it.
I actually began to love Ultimate X-Men.
Recently, I began to inform myself on 616 X-Men, and a sudden realization sank into my consciousness:
The Ultimate X-Men are far from original. When I first read about Iceman being on the team, it thrilled me, for I thought he'd been a character totally neglected since the first days. Then I found out, Iceman had been an X-Men again for quite a while in 616. The same with the Phoenix-Force. I'd been waiting for "Ultimate Dark Phoenix Saga" sinde Hellfire & Brimstone. Then I realized that Jean had the Pkoenix Force at her fingertips for years in 616.
The more I read about regular Marvel continuity, the less original Ultimate X-Men seems to get. When they brought in Emma Frost as well at the end of New Mutants, it was too much for me. I want either original Ideas, or concepts from the distant past of the X-Men re-explored. Coming closer and closer to the 616 X-Men is the least thing I want.

What do you think?
When I first read the Ultimate titles I was confused badly. One, when I saw that Wolverine was a bad guy I thought to myself "In the original comics, he was originally a bad guy?" and when Beast turned blue due to the Weapon X experimentations I said to myself, "Didn't he drink some potion he created?" I was really questioning my comic book knowledge. However, I learned the difference. Don't be bothered with it, be glad that the Ultimate Universe isn't using 616 as that much of a crutch.

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