What happened to Archie Horror?


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Jun 4, 2020
I was thinking today about Chilling Adventures of Sabrina earlier today. I remember the guy at my LCS highly recommended the titles being published under Archie Horror, plus I really liking the art style & the tone of the series. However, it went through this period of odd print cycles & I had a hard time keeping up w/ what appeared to be random releases. So I looked up Comixology & decided I was going to catch up...

...except the last issue I read was the last issue made. I know about the TV series which seems rly odd considering it started after the last issue was published & had fairly decent reviews. Normally something like that would gain interest, but in this case, it just seems like they've abandoned it. Things are about the same for Afterlife w/ Archie - issue 10 was published Aug 31 2016 & ended w/ a few brand new plot points that I'm guessing will never be explored.
I use to read Afterlife with Archie. The first TPB of Chilling Adv. of Sabrina and the one were Jughead was a werewolf. The werewolf issue I believe was from FCBD.

I recommended Afterlife and Sabrina to anyone who asked me at the time what's a good comic to read at the moment. I get a weird look then I had to explain it's a real good walking dead zombie like read. I know Roberto writes for TV like episodes of Supergirl.

So I guess that's why the Archie Horror took a backseat? It seeed to be really popular so IDK why they just ended the way it did. Unless the sales were low?

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