What has been the BEST Marvel you've read in these categories?


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Dec 24, 2004

Spider-man story/event -

Captain America story/event -

F4 story/event -

Avengers story/event -

X-Men story/event -

Hulk story/event -

Cosmic story/event -

B-lister story/event -

Ultimate story/event -

'Line-wide' story/event - (encompassing many titles)

Other -

If you haven't read much of something, just leave it blank
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Here's Mine:

Captain America story/event - Captain America #1-25 by Ed Brubaker/Steve Epting - That omnibus is modern awesomeness!

F4 story/event - Somewhere around the early 200's, I remember a story involving the Sphinx vs Galactus. All the while, the F4 were getting older very quickly, and there were lots of skrulls. While I don't remember a lot of specifics, I remember it having quite an effect on me as a kid - I couldn't wait for each issue.

Avengers story/event - The Avengers/Defenders war - I didn't know who to 'root for'. I liked the issue(s) involving specific team members fighting each other, culminating in the Hulk vs. Thor showdown

Hulk story/event - Planet Hulk - WOW! This was an epic!

Cosmic story/event -Annihilation. If anyone you know ever uses the expression 'space opera', give them this!

B-lister story/event - Immortal Iron Fist Omnibus (Last Iron Fist story/ Seven Capital Cities of Heaven) - seamlessly weaves new facts/legend/lore into an old origin.

Ultimate story/event - Ultimate Vol 1. It got me back into comics

'Line-wide' story/event - (encompassing many titles) - I'm not a huge fan when these are too big... Civil War, I guess.
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I really enjoyed Millar's Marvel Knights story. While Spider-Man is a great character, I often find his stories quite lacking.

Captain America
The Ultimates. Ultimate Captain America rules. And Brubaker's run.

Fantastic Four
I liked Morrison and Lee's FF: 1234. Doom and Reed playing chess with the universe. I also liked Millar's run on UFF. It was fun. His run on the 616 FF is pretty mediocre though.

The Ultimates. New Avengers post-Civil War. I really liked that vigilante team.

New X-Men. Astonishing X-Men. Phoenix Endsong. Millar and BKV's Ultimate X-Men run.

I don't think I've ever read a really good Hulk story... so The Ultimates again.

I haven't read any good cosmic stories. I'll have to try Annihilation.

Bendis's run on Daredevil. Brubaker's run on Daredevil. Ellis's Iron Man: Extremis.

Ultimate Universe
The Ultimates is the pinnacle.

I don't think any of them are that good but Civil War is probably the one I enjoyed the most.
Spider-man story/event - Spider-man Reign. It's the only Spidey story I liked.

Captain America story/event - Most of Brubaker's run

F4 story/event - not an F4 reader

Avengers story/event - Acts of Vengeance

X-Men story/event - Inferno, Claremont's New Mutants

Hulk story/event - The Rampaging Hulk Magazine, PAD's run

Cosmic story/event - Annihilation, Infinity Gauntlet (a gem in the era of ****)

B-lister story/event - NextWave period. (I liked Daughters of the Dragon too)

Ultimate story/event - Ultimate War (was the only Ultimate book worth reading IMHO)

'Line-wide' story/event - Acts of Vengeance, Days of Future Present

Spider-man story/event - New Ways to Die - The Art was great and the story line was interesting

Captain America story/event - The whole of Brubakers run, it has been interesting, and made me like the character and made me check out more of Brubakers work.

F4 story/event - Unstoppable, where doom embraces the magic and ends up in hell

Avengers story/event - Dissembled, its what got me into Avengers, even when that cover came out, it made me curious on who would die, i even liked Hawkeye after reading the first 2 issues of it.

X-Men story/event - Messiah Complex was interesting and a close second would be the new messiah war with Cable. Only cause i have not read many X-men stories.

Hulk story/event - Hulk Grey, one of the best Hulk things i have read next to the Ultimates, and its not saying much

Cosmic story/event - Annihilation, Annihilation conquest and War of Kings all great stories

B-lister story/event - quite enjoyed Hell Cat

Ultimate story/event - Ultimates Vol 1 and 2 without a doubt

'Line-wide' story/event - (encompassing many titles) Civil War

Other - Runaways Vaughan's run
Spider-Man - I have a book which is called "The Best of Spider-Man" and in it, it reprints a bunch of strips from the newspapers. It has half a dozen stories, and I love it dearly. However, it's a series of random stories, so it's not eligible. As a 'single story' or 'event', I'd have to go with... "Learning Curve" (Ultimate Spider-Man 8-13). It was the first real Ultimate trade I got, and it was an awesome single, Spider-Man story that held itself for 6 issues. Superb. I don't think USM ever did as good as that arc. There's a number of other Spidey stories I love: the two issues of TANGLED WEB that Darwyn Cooke did, as well as the Rucka/Risso "Severance Package" (which isn't really a Spider-Man story), and the "Flowers for Rhino" two-parter. I love Peter Parker: Spider-Man #37 "Snow Day" too. And then there's SPIDER-MAN LOVES MARY JANE. But I think the best I've read is Learning Curve. Bendis did a stellar job on it.

Captain America - Outside of THE ULTIMATES or EARTH X, I can't think of a solo Captain America story I've read/liked.

Fantastic Four - My favourite is Warren Ellis' "N-Zone" (Ultimate Fantastic Four #13-18) primarily because it's the first time someone had the F4 go somewhere odd and spend a whole issue just having them gawp at the sheer otherworldliness of it all. The N-Zone felt like an alien world, not just some weird place where Hobbits lived. I also liked Ellis' Doom arc before it, and FANTASTIC FOUR: 1 2 3 4 by Grant Morrison and Jae Lee. But again, not a big F4 guy.

Avengers - THE ULTIMATES. Specifically #1-6 "Superhuman". Close send is THE ULTIMATES 2 #1-6 "Gods and Monsters". Just no question.

X-Men - While Grant Morrison's NEW X-MEN was awesome, it was a bit all over the place, and as awesome as Mark Millar's "The Tomorrow People" was, I have to give it to Joss Whedon and John Cassaday's ASTONISHING X-MEN. It was wonderful fun.

Hulk - Nope. No solo Hulk stories that I can think of...

Cosmic - If the EARTH X trilogy counts, I pick that.

B-lister - Ennis' Punisher MAX is not only the best 'b-lister' Marvel comic I can think of... it's one of the best comics I've ever read. It's superb.

Ultimate - I know I picked it, but it's THE ULTIMATES.

'Line-wide' - EARTH X trilogy is the best crossover I've ever read. It's vast, effective, intelligent, and it should be canon.

I feel like I've forgotten something.
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Spider-man story/event -Kraven's Last Hunt. No question. I read it as a kid and will forever more be unable to get the image of Kraven holding the shotgun to his mouth out of my head.

Captain America story/event -Without a doubt the Complete Brubaker run.

F4 story/event - I was raised on the old stuff so I can never get enough of FF # 51, "This Man...This Monster"

Avengers story/event -Busiek and Perez had this undeniably fun run right after Heroes Reborn that I hold dear.

X-Men story/event -New X-Men, just because I loved Morrison throwing so many new ideas around

Hulk story/event - Future Imperfect. How much more basic can you get, it's Hulk Vs. Hulk. Easily one of the most powerful and brutal battles I've ever read.

Cosmic story/event -Annihilation.

B-lister story/event -Tomb of Dracula, a fully realized 70 issue saga from the 70s, great stuff

Ultimate story/event - Have to agree with Bass, USM Vol. 2 sold me on the ultimate marvel universe with its solid characters, laugh out loud comedy, and great artwork.

'Line-wide' story/event - (encompassing many titles) Can't think of a best.

Other - Always mention NEXTWAVE!

If you haven't read much of something, just leave it blank
Ultimate Spider-Man

Captain America
Ed Brubaker's run.

Fantastic Four
Fantastic Four 1234

Ultimates 1 & 2 by Millar

New X-men by Morrison

I don't really have one yet


Punisher MAX by Ennis

Ultimate Universe
Ultimate Wolverine vs Hulk

Earth X and Marvel 1602.

To a lesser extant House Of M.

Spider-man story/event - "The Child Within" - It ran in Spectacular Spider-Man #178-184. It's a story about Harry Osborn, Peter, and Vermin and it explores their relationships with their fathers from when they were young and how it had lead them to where they were. It's awesome! (I also loved Spectacular S-M #189, 190, 200 which is Harry's death and the story leading up to it).

Captain America story/event - The only Cap stuff I've ever really read is Brubaker's stuff and it's all good.

F4 story/event - I've read almost no FF stuff (except UFF)

Avengers story/event - I loved the first arc of New Avengers (breakout) after that it got a bit spotty on quality, but I love that arc.

X-Men story/event - umm...I've read more old stuff than new stuff, so I'm going to have to go with the "Wolverine" mini by Claremount and Miller

Hulk story/event - I got nothing

Cosmic story/event - I guess Secret Wars. It's not the best written story ever, but it was a groundbreaking crossover and it's a classic (and I don't read much cosmic stuff)

B-lister story/event - who counts as a B-lister? can it be a new character (like the young avengers or Jessica Jones) or does it have to be someone who's been around for a while (like Wonder Man or Miss Marvel) I don't think I'd consider Dare Devil to be a B-lister myself. So, I don't know. (I'm going to put the first two volumes of Young Avengers as 'other')

Ultimate story/event - This one's hard...USM is my favourite book overall (not just Ultimate) but probably my favourite Ultimate story is either 'the cave' by Bendis or BKV's introduction to Sinister (i think it's called 'the tempest')

'Line-wide' story/event - Inferno....haha, just kidding, probably Civil War

Other - The first two volumes of Young Avengers were terrific!
Spider-man story/event - Back in Black arc, or the later bits of RASs run on SSM

Captain America story/event - bru's run, all of it

F4 story/event - Hitch/Millars I guess, not read anything worth calling a "Best" with the FF

Avengers story/event - Ultimates 1/2 i suppose

X-Men story/event - Carey's stuff

Hulk story/event - Planet Hulk

Cosmic story/event - every thing in the Annihilation-era (Thanos 7-now)

B-lister story/event - IIF

Ultimate story/event - USM in it's entirety

'Line-wide' story/event - Civil War(encompassing many titles)

Other - pretty much anything i've read has some merit, except for stuff by Loeb

no Iron Man catergory? Thor? Wolverine? DD? Punisher?
Before I do this, I want you guys to know .... I don't have a comic book store near my house, so I rarely get a chance to read up on my stuff. That's why I have a lot of TPBs and hardcovers. I go to the comic book store ever couple months probably ....

BEST ....

Haven't read many 616 Spider-Man comics. The first arc of Ultimate Spider-Man is awesome.

Captain America
I don't find Captain America that interesting. The only Captain America TPB I have is "The New Deal" by John Ney Reiber and John Cassaday, which I bought because of the art. But the story sucks.

Iron Man
"Extremis" by Warren Ellis and Adi Granov. Awesome technobabble and beautiful artwork. The only negative thing I guess is the villain. He was kind of one-dimensional. But I guess the thing that makes Iron Man cool is that Tony Stark is more interesting than his foes. And he's kind of his own worst enemy. I think that makes 616 Iron Man interesting; his flawedness.

F4 doesn't really interest me that much. I've mostly just read Ultimate FF. I liked the first two volumes of UFF the best ("The Fantastic" and "Doom").

I literally have only read like 2 issues of Avengers. As far as Ultimates, I love all of Mark Millar's stuff. "Superhuman" basically set the tone for the entire Ultimate universe ....

"Origin." Yeah, **** you.

Grant Morrison's entire run on New X-Men. He completely reinvented it .... No one's been able to top him since he left. Joss Whedon's Astonishing X-Men was okay, but it was mostly John Cassaday's art that did it for me. I think Ultimate X-Men is kind of .... bad. It's pretty mediocre as a whole.

"Boiling Point" by Bruce Jones and John Romita JR. I haven't read many Hulk stories, but this one's pretty cool.

MAX I guess. But Punisher's not really my style.

The first couple volumes by Bendis. It started getting pretty stupid after a while though.

I haven't really read any cosmic stories. You guys won't shut up about Annihilation!

Nextwave I guess. It's hilarious, awesome, and completely absurd.


I freaking hate crossovers. I don't get what all this Civil War bullcrap is about. I hated Secret Invasion and House of M and all of that. I hate crossovers. Earth X sounds interesting. The only crossovers I read are the ones like the Ultimate Galactus Trilogy, where you don't have to buy like 4 different titles at the same time. But that's not a line-wide event is it? So screw it, this is blank.
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