what will happen after god of war 3?

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Aug 18, 2005
hmmm good question
I can't wait for god of war 2. I read on a fourm somewhere that someone sugested that the "franchise" could go into another direction because there are so many "gods of war" like for instance the poster sugested that there be a series of games focused on the aztec god of war. My idea for what will happen after god of war 3 is that Kratos will want to go into other cultures mytholiges and become the supreme god of war imagine him entering norse or egyptian mytholgy and trying to become the god of war for all civilizations. anyone have any other sugestions?
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What will happen after God of War 3?

Why God of War 4, naturally.

It will be called God of War IV: The Perils of Kratosella, and feature Kratos' daughter, Kratosella, as she searches for a fruit that will restore her father's health.

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