What would you rather?

Ultimize new guys or Build on former cameos and appearances?

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Baxter said:
I've said it before and I'll say it again. Bring back characters we've already introduced (Jean-Paul obviously making the cut) instead of ultimitizing more of them.

What do the rest of us think? Would you rather have new ultimized characters introduced? Or would you like characters that have made small appearances built upon?


#1 reason not to join UC
Personally I'd say Ultimize more characters. Only because it comes off as more realistic. All characters that pop up don't need a big "I'm some sort of a part to a saving the world" story. One or two appearances and then toss them in the archives and move on with the Ultimate Universe.


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I think to hit the Realism we need real characters, that requires them to sit around for more than one arc. We know our lead characters but our supporting characters are just weak.

Work on them, then bring in more.


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Developement always goes easier when there's something to base the character on. There's more to base the character on than just the 616 version if you start using the established ultimate characters, even if its not much

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I say try and keep a good balance between the two of them. Right now it seems like their making more characters than focusing on past ones.


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I agree that there should be a nice blend.

Expand some characters first, bring in some new characters second.

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