Where art thou, Pandrio?


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Jul 24, 2004
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Where art thou, Pandrio?

[IMGL]http://christine.typepad.com/photos/completed_projects_2005/penguin_100205.jpg[/IMGL] Pandrio.

One of the last Ultimate Central members to have gone missing in the past few months. The last any witnesses have seen him was back on the night of May 8th, 2006. But where is now? Where has Pandrio gone? Where....could he be?

As last seen in the TPB Reviews by Ultimates thread, the last post our dear Pandrio had posted was:

Pandrio said:
And the review?
And though he got his review, was it worth it? Was it actually worth it?!

Some believe he may have flown south for the year to visit family in Antartica. But as we all know, Penguins...they cannot fly. Or can they? Some experts believe that Penguins can truly fly, just choose not to, seeing them as the lazy bastards they think they're not. As I asked a fellow member of Pandrio, ProjectX2, he had this to say, "He's dead." That simple. Dead. "And how to you believe this to be so?" "I killed him."

But could he truly be dead? Could our beloved Pandrio have been killed by the nefarious moderator? We have one other member who believes otherwise. thee great one. The one with an ego so big, "Ego" the living planet is nothing but a pebble compared to it. As I asked where he thought Pandrio's location is at, he replied with saying, "He's in the north pole with his penquin friends." Asking what he thought Pandrio would be doing all the way up in the North Pole (where Santa Claus and his reindeers are rumored to live in), thee great one said, "Being the evil little penquin that he was and eating fish."

What a life that would be. But would that be the life...that he truly should be living? Should he not be with his real family, here, amonst the other comic book nerds? These are the questions that truly puzzle even the most brilliant minds on this planet. Pandrio, wherever you are, may you be find your way back one day. Moonmaster misses cuddling with you at night. He really....really does.
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I can't wait for compound and ourchair to come back and see that we haven't started threads about them.
It's funny. This thread is about Pandrio, and it turns to about Compoun and Ourchair.

Where is the love for Pandrio?!
Wouldn't it be something if all these missing members came back all at once? I'd think our heads would explode.
Its a cross between a Panda Bear and Sanrio, the company responsible for Hello Kitty.

Nine out of Ten Medical Practitioners suggest that the result might look like this:


But me?

I'm Suspicious.

That was a ****ed up show

My second-favorite episode was the one where
the three people who are internet buddies meet in real life to commit suicide and do so successfully within the first five minutes, but they're too stupid to realize they died so they run around trying new ways to kill themselves for the rest of the episode.

My absolute favorite is the one where
Li'l Slugger, who's been built up as a total badass supernatural monster that's impossible to kill, is completely and utterly pwned by a housewife who's wasting away of a fatal disease.

I miss the penguin.


Your turn came up to watch it, and then you walk out, be all selfish like, rambling about ponies and Star Wars, and about how you needed a new outlook on life, and the poor penguin never saw it coming until it was too late.



Got nothing to say, do you? Nothing at all? Do you know how many people went into the weird wild web looking for you? DO YOU?

Now you come back, trying to act all high and mighty, and expect us to greet you with open arms? DO YOU?

I am so hormonal right now, SO HORMONAL!

Did you even remember to bring the damn bread you said you were getting?

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