Where's the school children?


Jul 20, 2004
Just out of curiousity... it's supposedly a school... we have no school children there? Just team members? Well that's just... odd. o_O
Well remeber, they started the book off like X-men of the 616 verse (1963). Its just a couple of kids off first. Soon they'll have a lot of kids (mutants) going to school there. But the "originals" have to graduate first 'cuz they might be used as teachers like the 616 versions and like in the movies.

"I consider this a challenge."
Well, it's not like the X-Men haven't attempted to gain a student body. Pretty much everyone they've gone to rejected them!
Well, look at the movie *ducks the rotten tomatoes* Do they even show just generic mini-mutants running around? Or is the whole place empty?
I wonder when the school taking students will come into play, and also, when they "graduate," are they to be drafted by Fury's armies too?
Well, look at the movie *ducks the rotten tomatoes*

The movies were good - by themselves and apart from the comics.

Do they even show just generic mini-mutants running around? Or is the whole place empty?

I don't believe so. In Morrison's (excellent) run on New X-Men there were always nameless students running around, but I think the Ultimate school might be pretty new to have much of a student body.
Yeh, I think the school's in a building process just now with the full intent that Chuck will open school's all over the place to teach mutants how to control their powers. We've seen him write a magazine article in UXM #15 wher he mentions the developments of his students and he only mentions the characters on the team, and also in #16 we saw him grade those same students. I would say that tells us that they're his only students at this time.
All the cameos we've seen so far, they could be a build-up for when the school finally gets a respectable reputation they'll all come back and realize the X-mansion might be the best place for them. Unless Emma starts up another school.
Sure. But that is the writer's decision. Had Millar stayed on, there would have been mutants by the masses running in those halls, but Bendis came on and threw in a different side that we hadn't seen before. Mutants and where they fit in politically.
Well, Vaughun has written Emma off for a few issues, since she'll be back sometime. But just judging on how she reacted after "New Mutants", I dont think she'll be starting any schools soon. At least not for a long time.
She's not coming back in Vaughan's run, I'll tell you that much.

Also, Icemastertron, Marvel told you that he would be on as long as he liked? Could this mean that he is staying on more than they expected because Singer has checked out?
Goodwill said:
Also, Icemastertron, Marvel told you that he would be on as long as he liked? Could this mean that he is staying on more than they expected because Singer has checked out?
Where was this? *rereads the topic* Did I miss a post somewhere?
icemastertron said:
What do you mean Singer checked out? What about his arcs? The first was done a while ago.
Singer isn't doing X-3 anymore, so even if he remains on UXM, since he wanted to tie it in with "his" movie, I would imagine that he'd be scrambling to redo his arc. And how do we know he had an arc done? I didn't even know we had a specific date for his start?
Look J. did you ever read the old posts at marvel.com? They posted it there when his arcs were suppossed to start (Jan. '05). And I knew he finished "his" first arc from a friend that checks these things out somewhere on the web.

And no you didnt miss a post, what Goodwill is saying is something from a PM that I sent him. :x
icemastertron said:
Now please, lets keep this on topic. You seem to go off topic a lot.
*sniff sniffs* Hey, what's that smell? Ohhh... it's bullshit! Considering I was responding to something said IN the topic... if the post is at all off-topic, it's because the matter previously posted was off-topic.

Secondly, no, I don't read all the old posts at Marvel.com. I find better things to do.

Lastly, this friend... is he related at all to the friend's sister's best friend's cousin who dated Britney Spears?
At ease, soldiers....

It's important to note here that Marvel.com is one of the worst websites ever made for giving news about a particular topic. They are always out of date and giving false info. They never update solicitations. So if it an *old* post on Marvel.com saying that Singer starts in January of '05, I wouldn't give that too much credibility. Especially since when Vaughan's first UXM issue came out he said something to the effect of he'd stay on the book as long as the fans wanted him.

The Singer stuff was happening around the same time as the Mack reports started coming out. It sounds to me like it was a huge mess and nobody really knew what was going on, and it's just now getting sorted out.
Guys, I just junked a bunch of bickering in this thread. Please take the personal jabs either to Off-Topic or PMs. But cool it, it's not necessary.
Ok... Back to the school...

Since J brought it up, I was wondering what you wanted the school to be like.

1.) Did you want the Evolution feel where the main charactes are students with Xavier as the teacher?

2.) Do you want the seasoned X-Men to be the teachers with faceless students in the rooms before them like the movie?

3.) Would you rather there not be a school?

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