Which Batman Beyond comics are set on Earth 12 while what are the ones actually set in the DCAU?

Apparently Volumes 1 and 2 are canon to the DCAU and Volumes 3 and 4 are New 52 Earth-12
I'm sure there are enough continuity problems in both to make it almost irrelevant. Given that most writers barely care about continuity and editors base canon on marketing gimmicks rather than narrative logic I think the whole concept of a meaningful canon is itself a marketing gimmick more than a real thing.

One author who is very careful can barely make a serial that's consistent and not absurd, when you take dozens over decades, it's pretty much a fantasy that you could ever fit all the pieces together correctly. Look at some of the DCAU canon videos, it's just not feasible.

That said, the newer Beyond comics do borrow narrative elements from the mainstream DC continuity as well as the DCAU/Beyondverse of old. Does Earth-12 even exist anymore, since 'everything be canon' and Rebirth?

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