Which TPB is/will be better - Annuals 1 or 2?


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Dec 24, 2004
Which TPB is better (Ultimate Annuals 2 is not out, of course, but we know what will be in it).

Ultimates - I liked the story better for #1, but the art (at least the Sook art) for #2

USM - Both Annuals were great, especially at a time when the on-going was not. In that context, the Annuals both seemed wonderful

UXM - I liked the first better (by quite a bit) - the second even seemed to undo some of the first, with little or no dramatic value

UFF - I liked both quite a bit. Jae Lee's art, in small doses, is very cool. They were quite different entities... Their value will be determined somewhat (for me) by what they lead to...more Inhumans? ...more of the 'underground team'?

With UXM breaking the tie, I liked the first set better. That being said, I really enjoy the Annuals overall - I feel like I'm getting a very hefty story which doesn't require any "What happened last issue, again???" (I like the relatively tight continuity of the UU very much, but these are a nice breather)

Which set did you prefer?

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