Who Am I? game (movies)

Secret Window and Misery are both great.

The Shining is also, IMO, the best horror movie ever(although I suppose the book might be so much better that the movie pales. I haven't read it).

Haven't seen the movie and am in the process of reading King books (but I'm starting with Dark Tower), but Moony liked the movie better:
(speaking of Watchmen)
Moony said:
My only problem? There'd be a serious "Shining" threat: Kubrick's take could actually end up being better than the book.
Since Doc Comic isn't coming back I thought I would start a new one!

- I have been played by 2 actors
- I died in the first film I was in
- I lived on my own for years

Who am I ?
Just a wild freaking guess, but: Carlito Brigante? I don't know where that came from....
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