Who am I game?(TV)

Gamma Man

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May 25, 2006
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-Describe the character, not the actor.

-Can't describe a show.

-Must be from 1993-present.

Here we go....

-I work for a anti-terroist group
-I am a female
-In the upcoming season, I play big part


Okay, let's see how long this will go for.

i second that.

No A-team , No Starsky & Hutch , No dukes of hazard , No ThunderCats but worst of all No characters like Arthur Herbert Fonzarelli.

Shame on you Gamma.:noway:
- I laid everything on the line for my dream girl twice. And got turned down twice.

Dawson from Dawson's creek

he laid it all on the line for joey a few times (yes he dated her awhile) but she turned him down a couple of times for pacey.

:oops: I know dawson's creek too well

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