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smt like that happened in the war doctor audio dramas.
Romana III unhappened, you could say the same about the in-between Doctors like Shalka or certain of the unbound ones.

there was no time war yet when shalka existed
Perhaps it was part of the Eccleston regeneration, but he temporarily became Grant before regressing back into Eccleston so it doesn't take up any part of his regeneration cycle. That would explain why the Time Lords are killed off in Alt. 9's backstory since it follows on after the Time War. Probably not though, seems convoluted. Plus, that'd make him the Tenth Doctor so... nah.
Wasn't he also the 10th in the Curse of Fatal Death sequence? Seems to track. ;)
True true, I just like the way they both ended up matching (though at this rate, it's as likely as not that they'd end up sticking another incarnation in there anyway.)
Based on the Tardis wiki:

01. The Other
02. First Timeless Child
03. Second Timeless Child
04. Third Timeless Child
05. Fourth Timeless Child
06. Fifth Timeless Child
07. Sixth Timeless Child
08. Seventh Timeless Child
09. Fugitive Doctor
10. First Morbius Doctor
11. Second Morbius Doctor
12. Third Morbius Doctor
13. Fourth Morbius Doctor
14. Fifth Morbius Doctor
15. Sixth Morbius Doctor
16. Seventh Morbius Doctor
17. Eighth Morbius Doctor
18. Soul
19. First Doctor
20. Second Doctor
21. Third Doctor
22. Fourth Doctor
23. Fifth Doctor
24. Sixth Doctor
25. Seventh Doctor
26. Eighth Doctor
27. Ninth Doctor (The Curse of Fatal Death)
28. Tenth Doctor (The Curse of Fatal Death)
29. Eleventh Doctor (The Curse of Fatal Death)
30. Twelfth Doctor (The Curse of Fatal Death)
31. Thirteenth Doctor (The Curse of Fatal Death)
32. Ninth Doctor (Scream of the Shalka)
33. Ninth Doctor (The Tomorrow Windows) #1
34. Ninth Doctor (The Tomorrow Windows) #2
35. War Doctor
36. Ninth Doctor
37. Tenth Doctor
38. Eleventh Doctor
39. Twelfth Doctor
40. Thirteenth Doctor
41. Fourteenth Doctor
42. Fifteenth Doctor
43. Shada Doctor (possibly Curator)
44. Introduction to the Night Doctor (possibly Curator)
45. The Curator
46. George Formby
47. Father of Time
48. The Emperor
49. The Doctor (Battlefield)
50. The Doctor (Alien Bodies)

That's not even including the Valeyard.

it's more like this as the Morbius Doctor IS the other

01. First Timeless Child
02. Second Timeless Child
03. Third Timeless Child
04. Fourth Timeless Child
05. Fifth Timeless Child
06. Sixth Timeless Child
07. Seventh Timeless Child
08. Fugitive Doctor
09. First Morbius Doctor
10. Second Morbius Doctor
11. Third Morbius Doctor
12. Fourth Morbius Doctor
13. Fifth Morbius Doctor(Patience's Husband)
14. Sixth Morbius Doctor
15. Seventh Morbius Doctor
16. Eighth Morbius Doctor(Susan's Grandfather)
17. Soul(loom matrix)
18. First Doctor
19. Unbound Doctor(Auld Mortality)
20. Dr. Who(Cushing)
21. Second Doctor
22. Unbound Doctor(Exile)
23. Unbound Doctor(Warner)
24. Third Doctor
25. Fourth Doctor(seven keys to doomsday)
26. Fourth Doctor
27. The Warrior(Unbound)
28. Fifth Doctor
29. Sixth Doctor
30. Seventh Doctor
31. Eighth Doctor
32. Ninth Doctor (The Curse of Fatal Death)
33. Tenth Doctor (The Curse of Fatal Death)
34. Eleventh Doctor (The Curse of Fatal Death)
35. Twelfth Doctor (The Curse of Fatal Death)
36. Thirteenth Doctor (The Curse of Fatal Death)
37. Ninth Doctor (Scream of the Shalka)
38. Ninth Doctor (The Tomorrow Windows) #1
39. Ninth Doctor (The Tomorrow Windows) #2
40. War Doctor
41. Ninth Doctor
42. Tenth Doctor
43. Eleventh Doctor
44. Twelfth Doctor
45. Thirteenth Doctor
46. Fourteenth Doctor
47. Fifteenth Doctor
48. The Valeyard
49. Merlin
50. The Curator
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"Although the specific mention of "ears" as the new Doctor is feeling his face suggests Christopher Eccleston's Ninth Doctor, Doctor Who and the Time War does not positively identify the Doctor into whom the Eighth Doctor turns. Echoing The Tomorrow Windows's comment that the Doctor would somehow have "three ninth incarnations", Russell T Davies answered affirmatively to a comment by a fan on the Instagram release of Doctor Who and the Time War suggesting that "the Ninth Doctor here could also be interpreted as the Shalka Doctor or the Rowan Atkinson Doctor for the hat trick of alternative Ninth Doctors.". This followed Davies' earlier comments that clarified Doctor Who and the Time War's position in relation to The Night of the Doctor as a "glimpse of parallel events" and his broader statement upon its release that "all Doctors exist [and] all stories are true"."

This thing came from this page


So Russell T. Davis confirmed that all doctors exist.... And hinted at the other Ninth Doctors. Soooo, ehm.... During the 13th Doctor Era, she stated that she could have been more people than what the matrix showed her, so not putting all of the doctors for now, coz it's confusing, let's just try to add the "Shalka Doctor". So The Shalka can't happen between the Eight and War Doctor, coz there is a war doctor audio drama set soon after night of the doctor ends. So my opinion is to do what davis suggested, so when the war doctor regenerates, he doesn't regenerates into Eccleston, but into shalka and then Eccleston.

I think that's the most logical.

EDIT: The Book "The Tomorrow Windows states that eccleston doctor was created by unifying all the alternate ninth doctors into one definitive ninth doctor. So u could say that shalka happened and then not.

Btw they probably added shalka coz many people actually liked that doctor. (And was canon until the 2005 revival, but now is canon again.)
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EDIT: Another reason for Shalka to be between War and 9th. (even if it's very meta)

The Shalka Master was voiced by Derek Jacobi, Derek was a younger master during the war.

After analizing the Bruce Master timeline, I found that The Master got trown in the time vortex, but before that hiss essence was in the TARDIS. So we could BS say that a part of his essence remained and Ta-da we have the shalka master.