Why do some comics end?

Re: why do japanise comics end and don't continue?

Can somebody change the title of this thread? I don't even care to what, just anything would be an improvement. There's so much wrong with it I just want to cry.

EDIT: Thank you, Benevolent God.
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The best example I can think of this is (and someone mentioned it) PREACHER. That book is and ALWAYS will be, one of my favorite books. It had everything in it you would want from a book. I knew it was coming to an end, and dreaded an end, because I wanted to keep reading it forever, but you know what? The ending was PERFECT. It was the kind of ending you could smile and not have to keep reading, because while you knew the story goes on for them, you had this great sense of closure to the story you had read. For anyone who hasnt tried this series yet, PLEASE do, it is just simply amazing...
Re: why do japanise comics end and don't continue?

Thank God, they raped the series in GT.


:lol: I watched GT , I have GT on dvd , I even liked GT just beacuse it was Dragonball BUT yes it was one giant plot hole after another and IS the weakest of the series

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